Digital Disruption: Inclusion of Nigerian Women in Tech-Driven Businesses

Africa has started riding on the new wave of a digital revolution. From the travel industry to retail, transportation and entertainment, digital disruption is changing the face of several industries.

The retail industry has in recent times been rattled by the gradual shift to online shopping. Several brick and mortar stores have been hit by this giant wave, resulting in the folding up of multiple businesses.


9 Reasons Why Communication Is Important In A Relationship

A lot of people are in relationships today; some are planned and others aren't. Some people find themselves in relationships mainly because of boredom, loneliness or just fate.

Sometimes, you enter into a relationship that you didn't expect to grow so strong and along the line, you do terrible things behind the other person's back. 


The Different Communication Styles Of Men And Women

When you and your partner discuss a problem, do you seem to end up further apart than when you started the conversation? 

Do you think your partner takes issues too lightly or too seriously? 

Do you feel your partner doesn't listen enough before he makes his conclusions? It all boils down to our communication style. 


3 Smart Ways To Deal With a Cheating Spouse

Have you ever been cheated upon? If you have, you know how painful that feeling of utter disbelief and unexpected insecurity can be. Gosh! I hate feeling that way and I know you do too.

Every woman wants a man who has eyes for only her; no woman loves to share her man. A woman seeks to always be the centre of her man’s attention; he isn’t supposed to stray from her.

For me, it’s all or nothing. When I’m in a relationship with a man, I want both his body and soul. I want him all for myself. But sometimes, we don’t always get what we want do we? That brings me to the topic of the day “Cheating.”

The 5 Serial Killers Of a Relationship

Sometime ago, I wrote on 9 rea
sons why communication is essential in every relationship. If you haven’t read it, click HERE. This post is like an antidote for relationship problems that are related to communication.

Every relationsh
ip faces challenges every now and then. These challenges are often associated with communication; it could be the awful things we said or the soothing words we refused to say. 

Often times, the things we fight about may not even be the immediate causes of the fight; most quarrels begin a long time inside our minds before we spill out our guts. 


8 Obvious Reasons Why Men Cheat

Every woman would love to be the only woman in her man's life but it doesn't always turn out that way. 

Every woman wants a man who would have her and be satisfied; we want to be enough for our men. 
But sometimes, men cheat and they may or may not have genuine reasons for doing what they do.


The Ultimate Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Him and Her

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, I know how stressful and intimidating shopping for the perfect gift can be. You want to use gifts to express your love for your partner and yet you have no idea of what to buy. You're lucky you have me!

I've done all the window shopping and I picked out wonderful gifts for you to choose from. Thank me later! I don't want to rant so, let the photos do the talking...

Do you think you are romantic enough for Val's Day? Well, if you aren’t sure, you might want to prepare yourself before the Day.


Naughty Friday: 5 Romantic S£x Positions You Should Try On Val's Night

It's been a while since I wrote a naughty Friday post and I know you are all hungry for some hot naughty stuff. Valentine's day is just a few days away.

I guess you are busy planning for it in your own romantic way. I hope you've purchased a wonderful gift for your significant other? If you haven't, make sure to read my Gift Guide.


Guest Post: Have You Heard of Broken Heart Syndrome?


February 14 has come to be a day many people set aside to show and expect love in a very special way, especially among those who are in romantic relationships.

The excitement and expectations among partners are so high and intensely emotional on this day. And the question is can any of these highly expectant lovers develop a disease called broken heart syndrome?


Guest Post: 3 Simple Steps To Stop Sabotaging Yourself

Sometimes we can be our own worst enemies. It's sad, but true… Even when we think we're doing all the right things, our subconscious can sneak out and undo some of our best plans.

As a result, if we don't first get control of our deeply-rooted urges and addictions to past behaviors, creating our dreams can be a lot like trying to control a bull in a China shop. Not an easy task, right?


The Super Gut Health Bundle for Your Digestion Problems

A few days ago, I wrote on 10 SIMPLE STEPS TO ACHIEVE A HEALTHIER LIFESTYLE. Did you find it informative or was the post too ambiguous for you? I understand and that's why I'm writing this post today.

Are you still struggling with your health after everything you've done?


10 Simple Steps To A Healthier Lifestyle

Everyday, people search for ways to achieve good health and live a disease-free life.

They change their diet, take supplements, exercise and even change environment but end up far away from their dreams to achieve good health.

We all know it is not easy to change one’s lifestyle especially when one is getting older but still we keep searching.

Today, I'm going to show you 10 simple steps to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Trust me, you don't necessarily need to exercise.


15 Things You Should Do To Make Your Relationship Stronger in 2018

2018 is in full swing and I guess you are ready to take on the world.

No matter how great your relationship was last year, you need to keep working hard to improve it and make it stay strong this year and beyond.

I'm sure you've written down your resolutions, career goals and business plans for 2018. What about your relationship goals? Have you written down any?

I have compiled a list of things you can do to make your relationship stronger in 2018. You are going to be amazed!

5 Golden Rules Of Healthy Living You Need To Keep This Year

It's that time of year again when we write a long list of resolutions that we hope to keep throughout the year and yet, barely 3 months into the year, the list ends up in the trash. But, still we continue to write them anyway because deep down we really want a better life for ourselves. 

We want to be healthy, happy and financially secure. So, this year, I'm going to group the New Year Resolutions into 5 Golden Rules that can help you attain the healthy lifestyle you want. I hope you like them!

14 Relationship Damaging Habits You Need To Ditch in 2018

We've come to the end of another awesome year. Hurray!!! Personally, I'm grateful for the gift of life. Last year wasn't an easy one for all of us. There were so many ups and downs along the way.

A lot of things happened; some beautiful, others terrible. In so many ways, our relationships were tested and even threatened by so many unforseen forces.


Registration For The 10-Day Meal Planning Bootcamp Is Officially Open

If “eat healthier” has been on your list of resolutions for, say, the last 10 years without success (or you’ve recently fallen off the healthy-eating wagon – again!), you might feel like throwing in the towel for 2018.


How to Avoid The 3 Seasonal Scourges This Christmas

I really just want to wish you a wonderful Christmas celebration before I get carried away in all the merriment. You know how it is... One minute I'm planning to write a blog post, the next minute I'm gulping down some bottles of beer while my blog is entirely forgotten.

So, before the Christmas excitement grabs me, I want to remind you of the three seasonal scourges you need to avoid this holiday.

Happy 1st Anniversary Mr & Mrs Idowu

Congratulations on your 1st anniversary Mr & Mrs Idowu. I wish you many more happy years of love and peace.


55 Super Easy Recipes You Need to Make This Holiday The Best Ever

What if I told you this holiday will be filled with much fun and no stress? What if I told you I had some secret tips that will help you simplify this holiday season. Do I mean holiday meals without stress? Yes, please!

You know how crazy it is cooking for the whole house during the holidays. And you might be feeling a little apprehensive or stressed about this coming holiday season.


Parents Beware! S£x Offenders Are Usually People You Don't Suspect

I heard a story last week and it hurt so bad just listening to it. Halfway through the story, I was already on the brink of tears. 

At the end of the story, I was both depressed and angry. I couldn’t understand why some people behave the way they do and later blame it on the devil. 

Well, let me not start blabbing. Here goes the story...


The Ultimate Work At Home Bundle For YOU

Are you looking for work you can do from home? You're lucky you stumbled on this eye-opening post!

Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, someone ready to leave the corporate world (and the commute) behind, a recent graduate, or even a parent whose kids are grown, working from home is a viable option. 


For Craft Lovers Only: Handmade With Love Super Bundle

Life is a whirlwind. Of course, you know how it is! I don't need to pour out my heart to you! I know you must unwind in some way just like I do sometimes.

The question is, how do you relax after a long day at work, or a wild (but precious) day of caring for your small children?

If you’re like me, you might be tempted to scroll absent mindedly through your Twitter, Instagram or Facebook feed and drop some likes here and there. Or you might just turn on the T.V because it is something much easier to do...

10 Crystal Clear Signs You Are Dating The Right Guy

Are you dating the right guy? How do you even know if a guy is right or wrong for you? Forget about your checklist! It doesn't always work out the way you want!

Often times, your dream guy turns out to be bad for you while your "not-my-type" guy may end up being your perfect match.

If you've been dating a guy for like 3 months or 2 years and you're suddenly wondering if he is the one, then reading this post is the best decision you've made today.


Happy 2nd Anniversary Mr & Mrs Anebi Elisha

Congratulations on your wedding anniversary Mr & Mrs Anebi. Wishing You Many More Happy Days of Marriage and Parenthood.


15 Not-So-Boring Things To Talk About In A Long-term Relationship

New relationships are fun, exciting and most times s£xy. Conversations often come naturally as two people start dating and falling in love with each other.

Sometimes, the lovebirds can't seem to find the time to finish talking; they obviously never run out of topics. If you are at that stage in your relationship, I'm happy for you. You're really lucky!