Tuesday, February 16, 2016



Valentine is over but the aftermath is just beginning. I wonder how everyone spent his/her day. Did you go out or just stayed in like i did with my laptop? If you did go out and have some fun, I'm happy for you.

What gifts did you receive? Perfume, flowers, chocolate, jewelry or what??? Chances are, if you received a gift for Valentine’s Day, you received flowers. After all, statistics for 2011 showed that 40 percent of all purchases were for fresh flowers. 

Lemme guess... You received some blossoms and they brought smiles to your face for many days after their arrival. But for a few recipients, the only emotion they received from their boo was disappointment.

As for me, I got only a few text messages and some calls. It was so unexpected!! You should have seen me bragging to my friends about the various gifts I was going to receive. 

I even dreamt of Catfish pepper soup and cold Smirnoff ice on Valentine's eve!! The worst was my daydream about a proposal in a beautiful garden with lots of flowers... 

I imagined my boo picking me up in his new tear rubber Range Rover and taking me to one porsh restaurant. I ordered one hot plate of Nkwobi and chilled Guiness.... Omo see enjoyment!!! 

After eating and drinking till we were full, boo just stood up and shifted his chair aside then he went down on one knee and was about to ask" Baby, will you.... I didn't even wait for him to complete the sentence; I just started shouting "Yes". 

The next thing I felt was one hot slap from my roommate... I slept off while watching one boring movie like that. Chai!!! It is well!!

Anyway, I know some of you had fun, others received gifts and some got proposals... I just pray that all the single ladies will remain the same 9 months from now ... 

Brothers, if bae calls you in a month's time with news about a bundle of joy on the way, please don't run oohh. Accept it in good faith!! In every situation, let us remember to give thanks to God!! 

#IamAliveAndGrateful# #ValentineIsOver#

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