Friday, April 01, 2016


In a society where there are both wealthy and not-so-wealthy people, it is not strange to find some ladies attaching themselves to wealthy men for financial gain. They stick to these men to be financially stable and also to assist their families. Most times, these well-to-do men gain permission from the lady's parents to fund her education and in return the man expects her to marry him. An agreement could also be signed to ensure that promises are kept.
Sometimes, a man could just fall in love with a girl who isn't well educated and decide voluntarily to fund her education. He may not have any high expectations concerning this investment. The funding begins and a few years later...
The girl graduates from the University and when the guy proposes to her, she refuses and breaks up with him instantly. Why did she do this? Is this actually fair or not? Let's look at some possible scenarios before we conclude:

1. Maybe she met someone else and fell in love with him during the course of her education.

2. Maybe she feels she is too good for the man who funded her education.

3. Maybe she has gotten a better offer elsewhere.

4. It could be that she doesn't love the man and therefore doesn't intend to marry him as payback for his assistance.

5. Finally, it is possible she is not ready to get married yet.

All these are possible reasons a Lady could present for refusing to marry a man who sponsored her education. Whether she is right or wrong, I cannot say. It is not in my place to judge the actions of others. I think we would all behave differently when faced with certain challenges.

If a single Lady has the choice of rejecting a marriage proposal from her sponsor, how about the married ones who still leave their sponsors several years after marriage?

An acquaintance narrated his ordeal to me recently. He met a Lady in his thirties and fell hopelessly in love with her. After a few years of dating, they got married. He decided to invest in his spouse's education. He sponsored her through the university and when she graduated, she found a nice job.

One day, she brought divorce papers home and asked him to sign them. She was done with the marriage and she wanted another life for herself. What??? She packed her bags and kids and left without looking back at her husband. Horrific right? Yeah just like that. I know  he is not the only one who has experienced this kind of ordeal because I've heard and even seen a lot of cases like this.

I'm truly baffled when I hear such stories of women abandoning their husbands all of a sudden. Some of them leave with their kids while others leave their kids behind with their husbands. No one really understands the reason for their actions. I can understand the case of a single lady abandoning her sponsor but a wife abandoning a husband who funded her education is just absurd.

 It doesn't make any sense to me and that's why I'm asking if it is right to fund your partner's education. Or is it better to leave the person uneducated? Is it also proper to expect a Lady to marry you as a payment for funding her education? 

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