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Many people have diverse beliefs about things and one of them is family planning. Some people believe that it is advisable to have many children. 

They also believe that when they give birth to many children in their youth, they won't feel lonely in their old age.

They assume that having many children makes them wealthy in a sort of way. They may console themselves by thinking ''after all some couples are looking for the fruit of the womb''. 

They could even go further to quote the bible by saying "Go forth, multiply and fill the earth". Yeah, it is true! 

There are people who don't believe in family planning or birth control. They simply have a strong belief in procreation.

Well, not everyone has the same belief about family planning. There are couples who strongly believe in family planning and birth control. 

They believe that having fewer children makes it easier for them to train them properly. They try to avoid situations whereby there are children everywhere in the house without enough money to cater for them. 

I've seen horrible situations whereby a couple keeps procreating when they have very little income to take care of them. 

The children are forced to go hungry almost every day, they are improperly clothed and they are most times barely educated. 

My distant relative was still breastfeeding her little baby when she took in for her second child. 

Many people were angry about her lack of family planning but it didn't prevent her from taking in again while she was still breastfeeding her second baby. 

I was only worried about the condition of her womb and the welfare of her kids. 

I kept asking myself why some couples can't practice family planning even when they know they are not exactly financially stable. 

Someone once told me that "poor couples have s*x often to comfort themselves" and sometimes they don't even bother wasting the little money they have on birth control. 

So, they end up procreating nonstop! It is not best for the children who are born under such terrible living conditions. 

Every child deserves the best!

Family planning has a lot of benefits but I'll mention only a few:

1. Family planning brings about proper spacing:

When you plan your family properly, you won’t end up with children who are barely one year older than each other. 

A minimum of 2 years should be allowed before having another child. When you’re ready to have your next child, make sure you already have funds saved up for that child.

2. Family planning makes it easier for you to take care of your children:

Spacing your children actually makes it easier for you to look after them properly. When you have one infant or toddler at a time, it is easier to manage your home. 

But when there are many infants everywhere, you may become overly stressed. 

Just make sure that the child you have at hand is able to walk and talk before having another one. 

I’ve seen cases where a mother will strap a toddler behind her back while carrying an infant in her hand! It is very tasking for the mother.

3. Family planning helps you provide better for your children:

When there are fewer children to feed and clothe, a couple can easily provide for them. 

But when you have to buy baby food and diapers for two children at a time when they aren’t even twins, it is usually very frustrating and money consuming.

4. Family planning helps you know and understand your children:

Having fewer kids enables you to easily interact with them one-on-one thereby giving you access to every part of their lives. 

When you know your children very well, it would be really easy noticing when things aren’t right with them. 

But when the kids are so many, the parents may not have enough time for all of them and this could lead to some problems in the future.

5. Family planning helps in creating a brighter future for your kids:

 Whether you agree to this or not, when you have fewer children, you would want to give them the best in life and you would struggle to achieve that at all costs. 

But when the kids are many that you can’t even remember their names, only a few may get the best in life. 

The other kids who are left behind are either handed over to the elder ones or a relative to cater for them. 

Some may not even get such opportunities at all; they could end up on the streets begging.

6. Family planning promotes a tidy and noise free home:

With fewer children, comes less noise and clutter around the house. You can breathe fresher air and watch TV without much distraction. 

Even family outings or vacations are well planned and managed when there are fewer children to take care of. 

But when there are babies everywhere, you may not have time for yourself or your spouse; all you will think about is kids, kids, and kids and your home will usually be untidy and noisy.

The key to a happy and well-organized home is proper family planning. 

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t have as many babies as you want, but the most important thing is first making sure you have enough funds to cater for a large house. 

Secondly, endeavour to give adequate spacing amongst the children. This enables your children to have a brighter future! 

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