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The Best Way To Punish Your Ex

Did someone special break your heart recently and you're wondering what you can do to revenge? 

Have you tried other means of punishment but you're still not satisfied? Put a smile on your face dear, I have some tricks up my sleeve. 

I have used this method countless times on all my exes and it has always worked like magic.

The only way you can punish your ex and get revenge is by using the "no contact rule". Oh yes, dear. 

Are you wondering what it is all about? Let me explain...


The "no contact" is a rule that you establish within the first three months after you break up with someone. 

Although, some people think that the "no contact rule" should be enforced for only a month, I disagree. 

One month is not enough for you to forget someone who was so dear to you. Don't worry; even if you have been communicating with your ex and you still have the urge to punish him, it's not too late to use the "no contact" rule.

It involves you breaking off all contact with your ex right away and no, you don't have to inform him before you do it. 

You have to decide on your own to stop communicating with your ex. 

The "no contact" rule serves as a punishment to your ex because he can no longer have control over you.

In fact, he has no access to any part of your life without your permission. So, what do you gain from this rule? The no contact rule helps you in many ways:

1. It helps you heal faster after a breakup.

2. It prevents you from clinging to your ex who no longer wants you.

3. It gives you a sense of power over your ex.

4. It helps you move on easily.

5. It brings back your self-esteem.


There are certain things you must do in order to establish the "no contact" rule. I'll list them below:

1. Delete his number from your phone:

This is the first thing you need to do before any other thing. Erase all his phone numbers from your phone. 

Don't write it down anywhere as a form of reference. This prevents you from having the urge to call your ex when you miss him.

2. Don't call or text him

Whenever you feel like calling or texting your ex, please find something else to occupy your mind. You're not supposed to call or text him till the "no contact" is over. 

As far you're still hurting inside, refrain from contacting your ex; it will only hurt you more. 

If you call him and he answers in a nonchalant tone or another girl answers, what would you do? Cry even more! Don't call or text him no matter what.

3. Block him on Whatsapp:

It's normal for him to pretend to care about you even when he was the one who dumped you. 

He'll chat you up on Whatsapp to see how you're coping or not coping without him. Just block him already! 

All he wants is to fan his ego! When he sees or hears how miserable you are, he will feel gratified. Don't give him that joy!

4. Unfriend him on Facebook:

Facebook would be another means  for him to see how you are coping with the breakup. 

He may post some updates or pictures and tag you in them; ignore all those tricks. 

He is on punishment and therefore, he doesn't deserve your friendship. Defriend him and block him on Facebook.

5. Delete him on twitter:

Twitter will be his other target in getting your attention. Don't mind his mentions or hashtags; just delete him, unfollow him and block him if possible. 

Just shut him out of your head; you need time to recuperate.

6. Ignore his calls and texts: 

At this point, he will notice that you're avoiding him and he will like to use his sweet voice on you. Remain adamant! 

Don't pick up any of his calls or reply to any of his messages. Just go cold turkey! He won't give up so easily, though. 

He will try to contact you at all costs; don't pay him any attention. Just focus on yourself and do all the fun stuff you've been dreaming of.

7. Don't stalk him on social media:

Even when you have deleted him on every social network, you may have the urge to check up on him regularly to see what he is up to. Don't do it! 

It's better to avoid stalking him on social media or in reality. Don't follow him everywhere to see the new girl he is dating; it's absolutely none of your business. 

Don't make his private life seem important to you.

8. Don't ask his friends or family members about him:

Whenever you meet any of his friends or family members, don't avoid them. You could just greet them and chat a little but don't ask them questions about him. 

Anything you say or ask about him could likely get to him and he might get the notion that you are still hurting.

9. Find a hot guy to move around with: 

Just find a guy even if he's gay and flaunt him; hold his hand each time you're walking together. 

Make sure he goes everywhere with you except the bathroom, of course, *smiles*. 

When your ex sees you and the new hot guy talking and giggling, he would have the impression that you've moved on and you're happy without him. 

This would make him very jealous and upset. He could even find ways to get you back *winks*  

It seems difficult right? Well, at first you could find it hard to achieve but with a little determination, you can pull it off. 

You have to cut off all contact with your ex for three months at least. Of course, this is to enable you to heal faster.

Don't just sit by your phone waiting for your ex to call or text you. You are bigger than that and you certainly deserve better. 

I know you are scared that you won't find someone else but just believe you will.

During the "no contact", if you violate the rule and contact your ex, you have to restart the "no contact" rule from day one.

If you successfully complete 90 days without contacting your ex, it means you have healed to a certain level and you will realise that you have power in your hands. 

At this point, you can contact your ex if you have stopped hurting and you no longer have feelings for him.

Have you ever tried the no contact rule on any of your exes? How did it turn out?

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