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Are you one of those people who struggle to be above your peers all the time? Are you always trying to win at all costs? 

Do you see yourself fighting to be the centre of attraction everywhere you go? Chances are that you are overly competitive. 

Well, there is nothing wrong in aiming high or winning occasionally. But when you have to go extreme in order to achieve your goals then there is cause for alarm.

I once had a colleague who would do anything to be on top. She always wanted to be seen and acknowledged by the boss. 

She was always in competition with others and she hated failure. She never liked being the last in anything. 

Of course, all these principles she had were really great but the bad thing about being overly ambitious or competitive is when you employ dubious means just to be successful or recognized.  

Sometimes, my colleague would use some awful tricks just to become a winner. 

She got other people into trouble so that she could be the only perfect person. 

She would go behind her fellow colleagues and say awful things about them just to either get them sacked or demoted. It was terrible!

The day she was caught up in one of her tricks by the boss, she was fired right away. Just like that! 

We didn’t really feel sorry for her because she was an awful person. Nobody really liked her; we just had to put up with her because we had no choice.

Are you wondering if you’re one of those people who are overly competitive? Check out the list below:


1. You’re always showing off:

Whenever you get any new car or a new gadget and you want everyone to know about it, it simply means that you’re trying to show off. 

You just want people to know how ahead of them you are. Getting anything new is not bad but when you have to rub it in people’s faces like you’re struggling for a position in a “who owns what” competition, then it is likely that you’re overly competitive.

2. You want to win at all costs:

Winning shouldn’t always be a do or die affair. If you have the urge to win occasionally, it is okay. 

But when you strongly feel you have to win in all situations even though you’re not going to be happy with that particular success, then you have to seriously check your life. 

When you always find yourself doing terrible things just to become a winner, chances are that you are overly competitive.

3. You’re always jealous and unhappy of other people’s success:

Being jealous of someone or their successes all the time could make you resentful. 

When you feel unhappy towards another person’s success to the extent that you have to strive to achieve that same thing even if it’s not your dream, it is obvious that you’re very competitive. 

It is normal to feel indifferent towards someone you’re not close to but when you start harbouring jealousy and resentment towards an individual because of a success he or she has achieved, you qualify to be under the "overly competitive group".

4. You try to bring other people down:

Aiming high isn’t a bad idea but when you have to bring other people down just to get to the top; it is obvious that you are overly competitive. 

If you feel that the only time you're really happy is when someone fails at something or if you find yourself stabbing people in the back or trying so hard to bring them down so you can be seen as the perfect person, it is undeniable that you are highly competitive.

5. You’re always tracking someone else’s progress:

If you check up on a friend once in a while to see how he or she is doing, it is perfectly normal. 

But a case where you constantly stalk someone else’s progress just to see how far or behind that person is from you, you’re definitely over competitive.  

You want to know if Mr. A has bought a new house in Lekki so that you can buy one too even if you don’t have enough funds and you don’t really need another house, it means you’re constantly in a competition with others.

6. You never help other people:

Some people deliberately refuse to help those in need even though they are capable simply because they fear that the person would grow higher than them and probably leave them behind. 

So in order for them to remain at the top of their game, they have to adamantly refuse to help other people even though these people are their family members. If you’re among this category of people, it means you’re overly competitive.

7. You never give up:

Some people say giving up isn’t such a good thing but what if you give up something you don’t love for something that makes you happy? 

Most overly competitive people would never give up on something even though what they are doing doesn’t make them happy. 

All they care about is the attention they get from whatever it is they are doing; they just don’t want someone else to get the price even if they themselves have no use for it. 

If you find yourself doing things to please other people and not yourself, just know that you are way too competitive. You have to learn to live for yourself and not others.

8. You never mind your business:

If you constantly find yourself poke nosing in other people’s businesses that don't concern you or you find yourself snooping into other people’s affairs, chances are that you may be overly competitive. 

When you make other people’s private lives your business, it simply shows that you don’t have a life of your own. 

What do you hope to achieve by snooping into another person’s life? 

Are you looking for their dirty laundry so you could spread it all out for people to see? Or are you just trying to see what they are up to so you can plan your next move?

Life shouldn’t always be a do or die affair. 

Instead of investing your time and energy into negative activities that never truly make you happy, why not do something you really love even if people don’t agree with you? 

If being in a competition with others really makes you happy then keep it up but if it isn’t, you know what to do! 

Some people say life is a race but I think we are all in different vehicles with different fuel to get us to our destination. 

So the real question is, what is your destination? 

What is your dream?

What purpose do you have here on earth? 

Are you doing what you love?

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