Tuesday, May 17, 2016

What Happens When Friends With Benefits Turns Sour...

Last month, I published a post titled “the friends with benefits thingy”. Some people read it and took my advice while others read it and thought I was just bluffing. 

I know this because a friend of mine threw caution to the wind even after reading my post. 

She decided to play with fire and we all know how that ends; some if not all fingers eventually get smoked. 

Let me tell you the story; I know you like gist very well *smiles*

I recently found out from an undisclosed source that my friend was sleeping with a guy whom I suspected had a girlfriend. Last week, the guy invited his main girlfriend over for a visit. 

When she arrived, my friend suddenly became the “side chick”. She was automatically shoved to the side. He no longer paid attention to her; in fact, he practically ignored her like she never existed in his world. 

As anticipated, she became infuriated and even jealous. The guy pampered his girlfriend so much that it hurt my friend to even look at them. 

The guy openly displayed his affections for his babe; he was either holding her on the waist or showering her with warm kisses whenever they were together. 

He even bought her presents almost every day; in fact, he gave her anything she asked for.

Every time his girlfriend wanted to shower, he’ll pour out some water into a bucket and take it to the bathroom for her. 

He’ll wait for her just outside the bathroom until she was done bathing and then he will take the empty bucket back to the room while his babe walked majestically behind him. 

All the while, my friend would stand by her door with clenched fists watching them and tapping her foot like a scorned woman who was ready for war.

One night, the guy had had enough of Ogbono soup and decided to eat Eguisi soup which was my friend by the way. 

He sneaked out of his room like a thief and tiptoed to my friend’s room. Several hours later, the guy got up and tiptoed back to his room. 

Unfortunately for him, his main babe was sitting on the edge of the bed sulking with a kitchen knife in her hand. 

Immediately, the guy entered the room, she stood up abruptly while pointing the knife at him and said: “Where the hell are you coming from?” He stopped in his tracks, startled. The guy was taken aback because he had expected her to still be asleep. 

When he tried to speak, he stuttered without saying a meaningful word. When he regained his composure, he said “Baby, what is the meaning of this? Why are you pointing a knife at me?”  

She gripped the knife tighter and said “Don’t you dare pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about. You had better tell me where you’re coming from before I design your face with this knife.”

The guy noticed he was in a tight corner and his girlfriend wasn’t joking at all. He decided to do the unthinkable; he lied! He told her he just went outside to urinate. 

When his babe heard this, she burst into laughter and said “Oh really? So you’ve been urinating for the past 2 hours? Do you have a bladder infection?” 

When he couldn’t answer her, she stormed out of the room. He tried to stop her but she brushed him aside and went straight to the room she had earlier seen her boyfriend enter. 

Luckily, the room was unlocked and she barged in without knocking and saw my friend on her bed trying to sleep. 

My friend, who was startled said” Are you lost? What are you doing in my room? The girl cursed out loud “You slimy bitch” and walked straight to drag my friend out onto the corridor. 

I guess you know what happened to my friend next right? Or do I need to tell you the rest? *smiles* Okay, where was I again?

While she was dragging my friend out, of course, my friend didn’t go out without a fight but the angry girl appeared stronger than she looked. 

She grabbed my friend’s arms fiercely and shoved her out while screaming “Boyfriend snatcher, I will deal with you today”. 

At this point, the noise woke up all the neighbours and doors started squeaking open. Before long, everyone was outside trying to separate the fight or should I say beating?

Well, at the end of the fight, all we saw were two naked girls clad only in panties and bra! 

Hmm... The things girls do for men who don’t even care a bit about them. All they care about is the satisfaction of their s*xual appetites. 

Now, my friend is angry, lonely and sad while the guy is still trying to make up with his girlfriend who dumped him after he was caught cheating. 

I’ve been tempted to say “I warned you” but I wouldn’t say it.  Everyone learns hard lessons occasionally.

Moral of the story: Be contented with what you have. A bird in hand is worth more than two in the bush. 

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