Tuesday, June 14, 2016

7 Obvious Reasons Why Men Sulk Like Babies

Is your man ignoring you for no reason? I think he is sulking. The word “sulking” is often associated with children and women. Men are never seen as sulkers. 

They appear as strong, macho and mature persons. They have the flawless ability to conceal their emotions even when in pain.

Women and children, on the other hand, are often seen as expressive creatures; they easily find avenues to express their grievances. 

They don’t see anything wrong with sulking, crying or wailing at the slightest provocation even in public. 

Sometimes, it may seem as if women enjoy shedding tears; maybe it makes them feel more feminine or maybe it makes their pupils whiter *smiles* (I’m just kidding). 

But the whole point is that women, especially in Africa, are often portrayed as emotional beings while the men are seen as unemotional beings. 

It is perfectly normal to see a woman cry but when one sees a man shedding tears; it sends a message across that this man was so hurt that he had to show it openly. 

Even in awful situations, crying is usually the last resort for a man; he would prefer to grieve silently just to show how strong or mature he is.

Seeing a mature man cry could be one of rarest sights but being around a sulking man could be devastating; you don’t just know what to do with him. 

Would it be easier to just leave him alone in his tranquility or would it be wise to try to talk him out of his sulkiness? 

Well, before you attempt to answer that, let’s define the word “sulking”.


According to the Cambridge Online dictionaries, “sulking” means to be silent and refuse to smile or be pleasant to people because you are angry about something that they have done. 

It simply means being displeased by something and letting your gloomy mood show; you become grumpy, aloof, silent and unsociable because of what someone has done or hasn’t done. 

You practically ignore everyone around you as if they don’t even exist. Even when you’re greeted, you just reply with grumpy one-word answers.

Did you think only women were sulky or moody? I also used to think that only women and children sulked but recently I’ve come across mature men who sulk too. Even my boyfriend sulks occasionally when he is really offended.


Are you wondering why your boo has suddenly turned silent and distant? Do you think it is you or maybe stress from work that has got him so moody? Keep scrolling...

1. A man could sulk because you turned down his offer to go out with him either on a date or a casual outing. Men don’t like being turned down especially by women; it sort of hurts their ego.

2. A man could sulk because you rejected his proposal; whether it’s marriage or any other kind of proposal. Men don’t take rejection lightly.

3. A man might sulk if you refuse him from having sex with you. You know how guys could be; they would be all smiles while chasing you and spending money. 

But the minute you say “I’m not going to sleep with you’’ and you actually carry out the threat, their attitude would automatically change towards you. 

You, on the other hand, would be saying “Is it just because of sex you’re frowning your face like that?” He is not finding it funny at all! A man could feel really hurt when his sexual advances are not happily received.

4. Some men sulk when a lady nags or screams at them over an issue; no matter how little. They often want to be the superior one in a relationship and when a lady crosses “the respect boundary” and reprimands them, they could become moody and start sulking like children.

5. A man could sulk when he experiences heartbreak. When a man loves, he puts his entire heart into it and when his love becomes crushed, his soul also gets crushed.

6. Men sometimes sulk when they are undergoing pressure from work or their family. Sometimes, when the pressure gets too much for them to bear and they don’t know what to do about it, they simply sulk. Sulking could be an escape route for some men.

7. Some men sulk when they are financially insecure or unemployed. A man feels in charge when his finances are intact; he feels very secure when he can financially provide for his loved ones. But when he is unemployed or financially unstable, he feels helpless; and this could lead to sulking.

There you have it! Men sulk too and for diverse reasons. So, next time you see your man all moody and grumpy, don’t get all defensive and don’t let him be either. 

He may claim he needs some time and space to clear his head but what he actually needs is YOU. He misses you and wants to talk but he doesn’t want to make the first move. Because he can’t have you all to himself, he goes into “sulking mood”.


The first thing you should not do when your man is sulking is leaving him alone. Don’t even think about it! Leaving him alone could worsen his moodiness. The best thing to do is to approach him gently. If you know his love language, employ it. 

His love language could be spending quality time with you, receiving gifts or compliments or even physical touch. Whatever it is you know could help him brighten up, just do it. It is not only women who need tender loving care; guys crave it too.

Before you even try to engage him in a conversation, first prepare a warm bath to help him relax. Next, cook his favourite meal for him and after he is settled, talk with him; gently of course! 

Don’t go barging in with a scarf tied around your waist and a pestle in hand like you’re ready for a fight; force isn’t the best remedy in this situation.

Just try and be the mother and wife/girlfriend you are to him! Be gentle, feminine and caring at the same time. 

Listen to him and help him come out of his hiding place. If you don’t have the patience for all of this, please try and borrow some! You will surely need it.

Has your man been sulking lately and you’re confused about what to do? Simply read this post again and apply the solutions given. Hope it works for you like it did for me!                         




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