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While Franklin was still thinking of the best way to sort out the mess between him and his friend, Stanley grabbed his phone from the bed and stormed out. He came back that evening drunk and reeking of alcohol. 

Franklin was watching TV when he heard the rumbling in the room and knew his friend was back. He went to him hoping to apologise and patch things up. “I’m sorry bro, I had no idea she was the one you mentioned earlier. I didn’t purposely chase after her knowing she was the one you wanted. But the truth is that I love her very much”.

Stanley stared at the floor for a long time without uttering a word. “I don’t want to lose you as my friend. Our friendship means a lot to me” Franklin continued. Stanley sighed deeply and said, “It’s okay, I guess she wasn’t made for me after all”. “Let’s be friends once again,” Franklin said while offering his hand for a shake. They shook hands and life went back to normal afterwards.

Two years later, the friends graduated from school and started working in reputable institutions. Franklin found a job in a bank while his friend Stanley worked in an insurance company. Several months after he landed his first job, Franklin proposed to his girlfriend who accepted and they got married in a grand style.

Barely one year after the wedding, Franklin’s wife starts pestering him to start a family but each time she raises the topic, he would always say “Baby, let’s wait a little longer until we are financially stable before making babies”. “But honey, you make enough money already. Must we have all the money in the world before making babies?” she would always reply.

This argument went on for months without any mutual agreement. Gradually, Franklin became so busy at work that he rarely had time for his wife. He barely even touched her! Her dreams of making babies slowly became an illusion.

One sunny afternoon, Mrs Franklin was cooking when she heard the doorbell ring. She quickly dried her hands and went to answer the door. A young lady was standing with her hands across her chest when she opened the door.

“Yes, can I help you?” asked Mrs Franklin. “Hi, I’m Angela. You don’t know me but I’m carrying your husband’s child”. The news had dropped like a bombshell!

“What?” Mrs Franklin wasn’t sure how long she stood there trying to understand every word this stranger just said to her. How could this be? She asked herself. Her husband has been so busy at work that he barely had time for her. 

How could he be responsible for this? She asked herself again. When she said “Leave my house and never come back”, she meant every word she said.

Later, that evening, after her husband had finished eating his dinner, she sat directly opposite him and said: “I want a divorce!" No! He must have heard her wrong. “What? 

What do you mean honey?” he asked obviously surprised. “The lady you impregnated came here today,” she said expressionlessly. 

Oh my God! He thought he had given her enough money to terminate that stupid pregnancy? It was just a fling and he hadn’t expected her to get pregnant. He wasn’t even sure he was the real father of the baby.

The impact of his wife’s words sank into the depth of his heart. The finality in her voice told him that she meant everything she had said. The look of disappointment and hurt in her eyes stopped him from saying anything. 

Where would he start from? What could he say to her? He knew her mind was already made up.

After the divorce was finalised, she quit her job and refused to go anywhere. She put herself under house arrest. She spent her days crying and asking so many rhetorical questions. 

The only person she allowed to visit her was Franklin’s friend, Stanley. He often visited to console her. He felt sorry for her; he took her out on several dates to cheer her up. 

Gradually, she found reasons to live and be happy again. She had found a friend in him.
The day Stanley proposed, she was taken by surprise. She hadn’t expected it but when he said “Please, make me the happiest man in the world by becoming my wife”, she couldn’t help but cry. They secretly married in a little town far away from where Stanley worked. 

The news got to Franklin like a thunderbolt; at first, he didn’t believe the news. He had trusted his friend so much that he couldn’t believe he would betray him. 

When he called his friend to confirm the story, Stanley calmly told him “ I finally took back what rightfully belongs to me”. The girl he had unknowingly snatched from his friend was knowingly taken from him!

Could this be karma or fate at work? What do you think?

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