Saturday, July 09, 2016


Why do men chase women relentlessly? Why do they constantly pursue a lady till she gives in? Why would they do whatever it takes to make a lady theirs? It’s pretty simple... Men are hunters! 

They love hunting; they were created to hunt. Hunting keeps their adrenaline pumping and they feel alive when they hunt. It’s like a part of them; they enjoy it immensely.

So, if men are hunters, who then are the meat or prey? It’s the ladies, of course. You see a man sees a ladas meat; something enticing and totally edible. He knows having you will bring fulfilment to him, so he starts hunting you.

Are you guessing what his hunting tools are? We know usual hunting tools are bows, arrows, rifles, traps, catapults etc. But in this case, a man’s hunting tools would be money, sweet words, good looks, bedroom skills and material things such as expensive cars or houses. 

A man will tell you he loves you, he will fetch the moon and stars for you, he will take care of you and your family, he will never hurt you, blah, blah, blah. What he is really doing is testing you to see if you’re different. 

If you aren’t, he’ll just use you, dump you and move on to another hunt. That’s how it works girl! So you have to step up your game!


Well, hunting doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have some leftover dried meat. 

Hunting for him simply means he has gotten bored of eating the same dried meat in his possession and he just wants to have another type of meat to eat. 

You know he sort of needs fresh meat; with some blood and veins, so he hunts. He needs to constantly feed the undying hunger inside him and the only thing he eats is meat. I hope you understand now? 

Sometimes, he needs to hunt because he is lonely and needs an emotional attachment to add a spark to his life.


You are a lady, do what you know how to do best; play his game but don’t let him win until he has proven his worth to you. Yes, honey! You have to test him to know what kind of hunter he is and what his hunting intentions are. 

There are different types of hunters out there just as there are different types of meat. 

There are lazy hunters, strong hunters, worthy hunters, unworthy hunters, grateful and ungrateful hunters. 

We also have hunters who are keepers; they are contented with a particular type of meat and they don’t mind eating it for the rest of their lives.

Your role in this hunting game is to test him till he reveals his inner character. Your job is to look into the person and see what is on the inside of him. You don’t need magic or voodoo to do that; all you need are your instincts and patience.

You know he will be at his best when he is with you; he wouldn’t want you to see his flaws or his bad character.  Test his patience, his anger levels, his character by finding answers to these questions:

1. How does he treat other people?

2. How does he react when you make him angry?

3. How does he react when you are moody or angry?

4. How does he react when you show up at his place uninvited?

5. How does he react when you push him physically, mentally and emotionally?

6. How does he react when you shut down emotionally and give him the silent treatment?

7. How does he react in embarrassing moments?

8. What does he do when he sees you with another man?

9. How does he react when you fail to do something he asked you to do?

10.How is his relationship with God and his family?

11. If he says he loves you, how has he proved it to you?

These are the necessary questions you need to ask in order to assess a man and know his true character. 

Many ladies of this generation never have the time or energy to assess a man before entering into a relationship with him; they are too tired to play hard to get and so they make the game boring and easy for the hunters. 

Their prerequisite for a man is how expensive his car is or what designers he wears and how much money he has. So they end up in abusive and violent relationships.

Let me tell you something...

A man is not the type of car he drives or the quality of shirts he wears.
A man is not the amount of money in his bank account or the assets he has.
A man is not the kind of job he has or the kind of house he lives in.
A man is not the perfume he wears or the jewellery he puts on.

A real man is hard to find these days; you need to look on the inside and not just the outward appearance of a man. Place a high value on you, girl. Be priceless. Have some self-worth and dignity.

Learn to be independent and self-sufficient. Don’t let a hunter conquer so easily; he won’t respect or value you. He won’t see you as a life partner but just a game he won. 

Because when he sees another interesting game, you’ll become second hand or even third hand. He’ll just move on and you’ll be left dazed and helpless. Let him prove himself to you! 

The decision of whom to spend the rest of your life with is too important to be based on material things. Focus on the right things; set your priorities right! 



  1. franca franca25 July

    Splendid write up. Keep it up girl

  2. Youpele Kemela25 July

    Duration of hunt doesn't necessarily add or diminish the value of prey. U can be chased for five yrs and still be dumped after a night of total surrender . U can give in a week and still have immense value.

    1. It's not just about giving in... It's about testing to find the real man inside. Men who dump a woman they chased for a long time simply didn't love her enough... they just wanted sex and they got it. Ladies have to be discerning and smart!!
      N.B:Five years is too long for a chase; if a man proves he's worthy within 3-6 months, a lady can give him a chance.




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