Monday, July 11, 2016


My last post about the hunting tactics of men got a lot of attention and some courageous people commented on the post while others preferred to contact me behind the scenes. 

Their argument was that nowadays women too engage in hunting to get men; it’s not only a man’s thing. So I’m writing this post as a sort of reply to my former post “MEN ARE HUNTERS... YOU ARE THE MEAT.”

We are all aware that men do most of the hunting and chasing but women are involved in the chase too. There are different categories of female hunters with their own personal objectives. 

There are die-hard huntresses, desperate huntresses, manipulative huntresses, cunning huntresses, deceptive huntresses and much more.

They have tactics they use to hunt their preys which are mostly men whether single or married. 

These women hunt for diverse reasons; some hunt out of revenge while others hunt out of need or just as a hobby. 

They hunt down men with all their manipulations and tactics and after drilling holes into a man's pockets and bank accounts, they dump him and move onto the next one.


The tools they use depend on the category of huntresses and their objectives for a particular hunt. Each objective may change slightly according to the prey they are hunting or their need but the major tools used are:

1. Provocative dressing:

Women know men get turned on by what they see; the easiest way of getting them is by dressing to kill. All those bum shorts, miniskirts and skimpy gowns she flaunts are not for nothing. She knows what she is doing; driving you crazy.

2. S*x:

We all know the two things men can’t resist are good food and great s*x. If she isn’t the cooking type, she uses s*x as a way to get you to do all her demands. 

No wonder you can’t explain why you promise so much in bed and after the show is over you ask yourself if you were stupid for agreeing to buy her a 2 million naira house when you live in a flat. Well, at least you gained something for your lost money.

3. Innocent looks:

You know those pretty glances, the wide smiles and soft giggles she gives you when you come around? They are meant to work some magic on you. 

She keeps her face like an innocent dove just to get to you and when she does, you won’t know when your ATM card gets into her hand.

4. Beauty:

Some women know they are beautiful and they use it to get what they want. Do you think she didn’t know what she was doing when she fixed that long luscious human hair that makes you go gaga? 

Did you think she accidentally fell into a bowl of red lipstick to get that perfect pout? Or you thought she mistakenly wore that hot dress when she knew you would be passing by? I didn’t think so either!

5. Money:

Some huntresses have money but they need something else from you. This “something” could be emotional security, great s*x or protection. 

So they use their money to get whatever they need. Most times their prey is someone who isn’t very well to do. Don’t be surprised if a rich lady is chasing you, she needs something vital that you have.*winks*

6. Sweet lies:

Do I really need to elaborate on this point? Well, some huntresses use sweet lies to deceive men into doing a lot of things for them. They could cook up all sort of black and white lies just to extract money from your pocket. Men tell lies a lot too, though.

7. Blackmail:

Some women use blackmail to get their prey to do whatever they want. This hunting tool is mostly used on married men who are cheating on their wives. 

They threaten their prey to do what they want or they would inform their wives about their affair. It works every time.

8. Friendship:

This one is really tricky. There are huntresses who use friendship as an excuse to get to you. They may not really want a relationship with you but they know that if they offer you friendship, you won’t suspect them. 

While you’re busy basking in your friendship world, they would corner you, and the next thing you see is a stark naked lady in front of you begging for your magic touch.

9. Seduction:

I bet you know how this one works. All those wide grins, warm kisses on your cheeks, soft caresses all over your body, teasing bites on your ear, exposed cleavages and lap dances are all ways of seducing a man. They use all that to confuse you into doing what they want.


They hunt everywhere huntable; as far as they are equipped with their hunting tools and there is available prey, they move in for a hunt. 

They could either hunt individually or in packs. They hunt in shopping malls, cinemas, schools, offices, beer parlours, hotels, clubs, strip houses, on the streets and even churches.

They usually know the hottest joints, the happening guys and where to locate them. Because they have been in the hunting game for a while, they have binoculars, telescopes and scanners that help them zoom into a man’s pockets to know whether he is loaded or not. 

In fact, some huntresses even perceive money from afar; I don't know how they do it. 

They automatically know when you're broke or not. Even if you’re not rich but you’re heavily endowed, they know how to find out your size so don’t be surprised if you’re not wealthy and some girls are chasing you round the clock. You have something they need, boy!


Well, it all depends on you, bro! You need to ask yourself vital questions when a lady is so hot for you. Do you know what she wants from you? 

Are you willing to give it to her for something in return? Do you like her too?  If your answer is no then I’d advise you to run like Jezebel is chasing you. But if you answered “YES” then I think you need to play her game too.

Pretend as if you don’t know what’s happening and shut her out. If she comes back, it means she really wants you or your money. 

If you feel you have some spare cash to spend while having fun, then go for it but if you notice she’s being evasive with her time or body after a long time of spending, stop spending your hard earned coins; she’s just a pocket driller. When she has sapped you dry, she'll move on to the next one.

Don’t worry about getting even with her, Karma will get her soon. On the other hand, if she is just looking for love or s*x and you really don’t want her but she persists, sit her down and tell her you are either not attracted to her or you are in a serious relationship.

Life is a game and a lot of people just like playing even if they are not sure of winning. Your role is to watch out and be alert. 

If you need your own set of binoculars or scanners, please get some in case you need to protect yourself from pocket drillers.


  1. Izuchukwu Nwokoibem25 July

    I hunt baby..for all the above mentioned reasons.#singing# when the bush meat go catch the hunter

  2. Hahahahahahah... You're funny!!! Thanks for reading, girl




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