Saturday, August 20, 2016


Hi guys, this post really has nothing to do with love and relationship but it's an issue that has been bothering me for a while now.

Earlier this year, there was a rumour going on that the Federal Government wanted to scrap out NYSC. 

When I learnt about the rumour, I had some mixed feelings; I wasn't sure I was happy or sad.

I can't deny the fact that I enjoyed my service year very well; I had fun, I made a lot of new friends, I learnt some new things that have helped me along the way. 

On the other hand, I came out jobless, hopeless and dependent; I didn't anticipate that at all.

When I went for my service, all I had on my mind was to have fun and learn new things. 

I was so confident that once I finished, a good job will be waiting for me! My dad and a few of his friends gave me so much hope; I was confident that they had my back.

Because of this overconfidence, I didn't enrol for any of the courses or empowerment programs that went on during service year. 

Even when my co-corpers persuaded me to enrol for NIM, I told them “Don’t worry about me oh. 

In fact, as I'm talking with you now, a job is already waiting for me. Once I'm done here, they'll give me my appointment letter. I get connections everywhere."

Fast forward to the end of service year, all the people who had earlier told me to see them started speaking Swahili when I visited their offices. 

They told me to be patient. I was so relaxed because I knew a lot of people were handling my matter.

Unfortunately, things changed dramatically. My connections kept my calls on hold or on number busy. 

After staying in my father's house for one full year, I had added serious weight and on top of that, I was broke. 

My fellow corps members who didn't seem to have any connections were already gainfully employed! 

One day, I made the decision to find something for myself no matter how small. I started moving around with a large brown envelopes dropping CVs all over like seeds.

I know I'm not the only one who encountered difficulties in finding a job after service. 

There a lot of us out there still searching and many are still pouring out from educational institutions every year. 

The number of unemployed graduates in this country currently outweighs the vacancies available. It is depressing just thinking about it!

So I'm thinking "Is NYSC really serving its purpose? 

Does it make sense that graduates go for service and come out jobless or unemployable? 

Should this scheme be adjusted or scrapped entirely?

I know some people who had good jobs and had to leave it to serve their fatherland and after service, they couldn't find something else to do. 

I've also heard of some graduates who get severely injured or even lost their lives during the course of NYSC. 

Some people were able to participate in almost all the courses and training available during their service and yet, they are jobless.

So, the question is "what's the way forward?"

In my opinion, NYSC should be adjusted to eradicate unemployment and not worsen it. 

I would suggest that Graduates, who are deployed to conducive PPAs, should be retained at the end of their service year; some spaces should also be created for others who are coming behind.

Another suggestion would be for NYSC to become an entrepreneurial organisation where qualified and experienced professionals are employed to empower graduates with necessary skills that they can monetize and earn a decent income.

During the empowerment program, the graduates would remain in their comfortable homes while they undergo the skills training. 

My final suggestion is " NYSC shouldn't be compulsory". Those who are interested should apply for it and recruiters should be advised not to request for discharge certificates.

This is my own personal opinion. What do you think? 

Should NYSC be adjusted or scrapped? Or should it remain just the way it is?

Your thoughts are welcome.


  1. Lol @ Swahili, pele!

    Good idea about NYSC evolving to accommodate entrepreneurship. No all Corpers plan to look for a job afterwards, some have great Business ideas that could make a real difference in society, provide employment opportunities and earn some good cash. NYSC could be restructured to identify these individuals, nurture them, if possible even provide funding or at least a forum for investor connect.

    As for NYSC being optional, I don't think that would be a good idea. Better to upgrade it or scrap it, if it's optional I can guarantee you it will only attract the jobless and opportunists that only plan to signup for the small allowee.

  2. Nice opinion @forum for investors to connect.
    I think the Nigerian Government should really look into the issue. NYSC is rapidly becoming counterproductive. I know they have our best interests at heart but we seriously need to find ways to greatly reduce unemployment in this country.




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