Friday, October 28, 2016

Naughty Friday: Is It Safe To Have S£x During Menstruation?

Period s£x!!! Aye or nay? I know a lot of you will say capital "NO" to having period s£x because you have assumed and imagined how messy and gross it's going to be. Well, It isn't as gross or harmful as you think. Seriously!!!

Some men even feel they would get seriously sick if they have s£x with a lady during her period. I wonder where they heard that one from.

Just because your woman is having her period doesn't mean you have to forego s£x. If you love her, it won't be a big deal to you.

For some women, s£xual activity during menstruation can be even more pleasurable than any other time of the month.

This is due to the fact that women are usually h°rnier around their periods. Sounds crazy right? Shhh!!! I just leaked a big secret.

A study published in 2013 in Cephalalgia concluded that s£xual activity may reduce migraine and cluster headache pain and cramps in women.

So, you would be doing us a huge favour by agreeing to tangle during our periods. It’s just blood, unharmful blood; there is nothing infectious about it. Nothing bad will happen if it gets on a guy’s d!ck.

If you decide to try it out, you will find these tips helpful:

1. Talk about it with your partner:

Before you even think of jumping on your partner during her period, talk to her first. Find out if she feels okay with it. It’s really important to have a discussion in advance; you don't want to take her by surprise.

Just make sure you’re both comfortable with the idea and know what to expect. Avoid acting squeamish or irritated; it will totally make her feel like you’re turned off by her!

2. There is no need for lubrication: 

The need for lubrication lessens during a woman's period; in fact, it is not needed at all.

Lol, the blood is enough lubrication for as many rounds as you wish to go. But if you wish, you could have some lube standby just in case you need one.

3. Do it in the shower:

If you feel you can't stand the sight of a tiny droplet of blood, just do it in the shower instead of the bed.

Having s£x in the shower instead of your bed is a great way to minimise the mess. You won’t even notice she's on her period while you're doing it in the shower.

Plus you’ll have so much fun experimenting with new positions! If you want to do it on your bed, endeavour to cover it with a blanket or something to avoid staining your sheets.

4. Stick to one or two positions:

If you and your partner feel super adventurous, try switching up positions as much as you can hold.

Some periods could be quite uncomfortable so if your partner isn’t feeling herself, just stick to simple positions like missionary or spooning.

5. Take necessary precautions:

If you are really worried about getting infected, wear a condom to minimise your chances of contracting any infections.

It’s also possible for a woman to get pregnant even during menstruation, so if you want to prevent an unwanted pregnancy, you’ll definitely want to use protection.

S£x during menstruation is as safe as ever. Having s£x during a woman's period is not harmful in any way.

If you are going to contract anything from her, you can easily get it from her v~ginal fluids. If you aren't convinced, take out some time and google it or ask your doctor.

Ladies, would you have s£x during your period? 

Guys, would you agree to have s£x with your girlfriend during her if she wants it?

Saturday, October 22, 2016


Dear Jenny,

I need urgent advice concerning an issue. 3 years ago, I met a nice guy in a shopping mall. We become friends and later lovers.

Last year, he broke up with me before travelling out of the country. He said he needed time to plan his life. I was totally devastated.

After he left, his younger brother called me regularly and sometimes invited me to lunch. I found comfort in his company; he's fun to be with.

Since we were friends when I was dating his elder brother, I accepted to join him for lunch whenever he invited me. He shows me so much love and care.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Ladies' Night: How To Tighten Your V~gina Naturally

Every woman deserves to have great s£x with her partner; whether she's married or single.

But sometimes, we meet partners who aren't so endowed and s£x becomes just like a chore.

Since, you can't just purchase any size, you want from the market, you have to do your own job and that's to tighten your v~gina.

If your partner isn't well endowed and you aren't having awesome s£x and mind blowing org~sms, it is your fault. Why?

Because you don't have any control over your pelvic muscles.

You don't need tightening creams to improve your s£x life. All you need is Kegels.

What are Kegels?

Kegels are exercises that make your pelvic floor muscles stronger. When you're in control of your pelvic muscles, you're in control of your s£x life.

How to do Kegels

Before you begin Kegel exercises, you must first find the right set of muscles. This can be tricky but it is also very easy. Just pay close attention. You can find them by:

a). Placing a clean finger inside your v~gina and try to squeeze your v~ginal muscles around your finger. Do you feel your walls closing in and gripping your finger? Relax, those are the muscles.

b). By trying to stop your urine midflow. Try it now. Go to bathroom and start urinating then attempt to stop the flow of urine. Did it stop? Good, those are the muscles you would be working with.

* Once you have located your pelvic floor muscles, contract these muscles for 5-10 seconds, then relax, repeat it 5-10 times. (Please empty your bladder before doing your Kegels!!)

* Don't hold your breath while you do this, breathe normally during the exercises. Practice it at least three times a day.

* Try as much as you can not to move your leg, butt°cks, or abdominal muscles during the exercises. Just relax and feel the magic in your pelvic region.

The best thing about Kegel exercises is that they can be done anywhere, anytime and no one will know you’re doing them.

You can do it when you’re stopped at a red light or during traffic, in the waiting room at the doctor’s office, at the bank, the hair salon, or even the pharmacy. You can do it anywhere and no one will know.

Try this natural tightening method and you will never have to use any tightening creams. Once, you master this technique, you would notice how mind-blowing your org~sms will become.

Oh! One more thing, don't forget to do it during s£x. Just squeeze your partner's shaft during s£x; if he feels it, you're doing an excellent job.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016


The other day, I went to a hair salon with a friend of mine to plait my hair and it took ages to finish. While we were still there, my friend's phone rang and she picked up the call.

A few seconds later, she got upset and started shouting at the person on the other end of the line.

The conversation become a heated argument and soon they were both yelling and calling each other nasty names.



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