Friday, October 28, 2016

Naughty Friday: Is It Safe To Have S£x During Menstruation?

Period s£x!!! Aye or nay? I know a lot of you will say capital "NO" to having period s£x because you have assumed and imagined how messy and gross it's going to be. Well, It isn't as gross or harmful as you think. Seriously!!!

Some men even feel they would get seriously sick if they have s£x with a lady during her period. I wonder where they heard that one from.

Just because your woman is having her period doesn't mean you have to forego s£x. If you love her, it won't be a big deal to you.

For some women, s£xual activity during menstruation can be even more pleasurable than any other time of the month.

This is due to the fact that women are usually h°rnier around their periods. Sounds crazy right? Shhh!!! I just leaked a big secret.

A study published in 2013 in Cephalalgia concluded that s£xual activity may reduce migraine and cluster headache pain and cramps in women.

So, you would be doing us a huge favour by agreeing to tangle during our periods. It’s just blood, unharmful blood; there is nothing infectious about it. Nothing bad will happen if it gets on a guy’s d!ck.

If you decide to try it out, you will find these tips helpful:

1. Talk about it with your partner:

Before you even think of jumping on your partner during her period, talk to her first. Find out if she feels okay with it. It’s really important to have a discussion in advance; you don't want to take her by surprise.

Just make sure you’re both comfortable with the idea and know what to expect. Avoid acting squeamish or irritated; it will totally make her feel like you’re turned off by her!

2. There is no need for lubrication: 

The need for lubrication lessens during a woman's period; in fact, it is not needed at all.

Lol, the blood is enough lubrication for as many rounds as you wish to go. But if you wish, you could have some lube standby just in case you need one.

3. Do it in the shower:

If you feel you can't stand the sight of a tiny droplet of blood, just do it in the shower instead of the bed.

Having s£x in the shower instead of your bed is a great way to minimise the mess. You won’t even notice she's on her period while you're doing it in the shower.

Plus you’ll have so much fun experimenting with new positions! If you want to do it on your bed, endeavour to cover it with a blanket or something to avoid staining your sheets.

4. Stick to one or two positions:

If you and your partner feel super adventurous, try switching up positions as much as you can hold.

Some periods could be quite uncomfortable so if your partner isn’t feeling herself, just stick to simple positions like missionary or spooning.

5. Take necessary precautions:

If you are really worried about getting infected, wear a condom to minimise your chances of contracting any infections.

It’s also possible for a woman to get pregnant even during menstruation, so if you want to prevent an unwanted pregnancy, you’ll definitely want to use protection.

S£x during menstruation is as safe as ever. Having s£x during a woman's period is not harmful in any way.

If you are going to contract anything from her, you can easily get it from her v~ginal fluids. If you aren't convinced, take out some time and google it or ask your doctor.

Ladies, would you have s£x during your period? 

Guys, would you agree to have s£x with your girlfriend during her if she wants it?

Saturday, October 22, 2016


Dear Jenny,

I need urgent advice concerning an issue. 3 years ago, I met a nice guy in a shopping mall. We become friends and later lovers.

Last year, he broke up with me before travelling out of the country. He said he needed time to plan his life. I was totally devastated.

After he left, his younger brother called me regularly and sometimes invited me to lunch. I found comfort in his company; he's fun to be with.

Since we were friends when I was dating his elder brother, I accepted to join him for lunch whenever he invited me. He shows me so much love and care.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Ladies' Night: How To Tighten Your V~gina Naturally

Every woman deserves to have great s£x with her partner; whether she's married or single.

But sometimes, we meet partners who aren't so endowed and s£x becomes just like a chore.

Since, you can't just purchase any size, you want from the market, you have to do your own job and that's to tighten your v~gina.

If your partner isn't well endowed and you aren't having awesome s£x and mind blowing org~sms, it is your fault. Why?

Because you don't have any control over your pelvic muscles.

You don't need tightening creams to improve your s£x life. All you need is Kegels.

What are Kegels?

Kegels are exercises that make your pelvic floor muscles stronger. When you're in control of your pelvic muscles, you're in control of your s£x life.

How to do Kegels

Before you begin Kegel exercises, you must first find the right set of muscles. This can be tricky but it is also very easy. Just pay close attention. You can find them by:

a). Placing a clean finger inside your v~gina and try to squeeze your v~ginal muscles around your finger. Do you feel your walls closing in and gripping your finger? Relax, those are the muscles.

b). By trying to stop your urine midflow. Try it now. Go to bathroom and start urinating then attempt to stop the flow of urine. Did it stop? Good, those are the muscles you would be working with.

* Once you have located your pelvic floor muscles, contract these muscles for 5-10 seconds, then relax, repeat it 5-10 times. (Please empty your bladder before doing your Kegels!!)

* Don't hold your breath while you do this, breathe normally during the exercises. Practice it at least three times a day.

* Try as much as you can not to move your leg, butt°cks, or abdominal muscles during the exercises. Just relax and feel the magic in your pelvic region.

The best thing about Kegel exercises is that they can be done anywhere, anytime and no one will know you’re doing them.

You can do it when you’re stopped at a red light or during traffic, in the waiting room at the doctor’s office, at the bank, the hair salon, or even the pharmacy. You can do it anywhere and no one will know.

Try this natural tightening method and you will never have to use any tightening creams. Once, you master this technique, you would notice how mind-blowing your org~sms will become.

Oh! One more thing, don't forget to do it during s£x. Just squeeze your partner's shaft during s£x; if he feels it, you're doing an excellent job.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016


The other day, I went to a hair salon with a friend of mine to plait my hair and it took ages to finish. While we were still there, my friend's phone rang and she picked up the call.

A few seconds later, she got upset and started shouting at the person on the other end of the line.

The conversation become a heated argument and soon they were both yelling and calling each other nasty names.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Naughty Friday: 5 Tips To Get Regular Blow Jobs

Every sane man loves getting head. Maybe even insane men enjoy it too. Some men prefer getting head to having several rounds of s£x.

But, unfortunately, not all men are lucky enough to get blow jobs as often as they want.

If you want to get regular blowjobs from your girlfriend or any girl at all, grab these awesome tips:


This is definitely the most important tip; always keep it clean and neat down there.

I know some guys don't like being bald in the lower region but at least make it presentable.

No girl would enjoy chewing pubic hair in the name of satisfying a man. That is so gross.

So, if you know you like cultivating forests in the garden below, please try and trim it as low as possible.

You know how you love eating a fresh and clean pussy?

It's exactly the same thing for girls! When it's low and fresh, a girl would easily visit the area whenever you want.


If it's shaven and clean but smells, don't expect any one to put her nose or tongue on it. The way you find sweet fragrances appealing, it's the same way for us.

Girls love guys who smell nice everywhere and I mean everywhere. Forget about the cliché saying that "a man's natural smell is s£xy".

Odour is a huge turn-off for most people, these days. Change your underwear often, take regular showers and please get a good body spray or perfume.

When you smell like someone who works in a perfume factory, which girl won't love to spend more time down there?


Some guys are shy of communicating their needs or wants to their babes. Deep inside, you know you want it but you don't have the nerve to ask or you feel she would reject the idea.

All you have to do is ask in that gentle romantic tone we love to hear.

Try something like "Baby, I would love it if you went down on me tonight" or "Baby, I really enjoyed the last time you went down on me".

Girls like to know that their efforts are appreciated so tell her your mind. If she doesn't agree the first time, keep trying but don't appear forceful though. Give her sometime to make up her mind.


So, you love getting head but you don't reciprocate the kind gesture? Where are you from?

If you don't go down on us as often as we want, we won't give you what you want either.

It's really a two-way traffic. If you want to get head often, get down on her too.

If you make her cum every time you suck her, chances are that she would definitely reciprocate the act. Be generous.


This one is for guys who never involve in foreplay. Their method is to kiss a girl, fondle her nipples and the next thing you know they are inside her grunting loudly.

Some don't even bother at all, they just go in without foreplay.

S£x is an act that should be enjoyed mutually; it's not a war to be won.

Don't be too hasty to dive in to moist land that you forget your girlfriend has needs too. Create time for foreplay and engage in it regularly.

When you have time for foreplay, there is a possibility that you will both have time to be spontaneous and to explore each other's body.

Have you tried the 69? It's magical!

These tips are definitely going to work if you put them into practice; just don't appear too desperate or selfish. Try them whenever you can and tell me if it works for you.

 Have a cum-filled weekend **laughs**

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

8 Obvious Reasons Why Men Cheat

Every woman would love to be the only woman in her man's life but it doesn't always turn out that way. 

Every woman wants a man who would have her and be satisfied; we want to be enough for our men. 

But sometimes, men cheat and they may or may not have genuine reasons for doing what they do.

Most times when men cheat, their women never really understand why they did it.

They spend several days crying and blaming themselves for a man's actions. 

They analyse each phase of their relationship trying to figure out what went wrong and what could have possibly caused their man to cheat on them. 

Men cheat for the following reasons:

#1  Loneliness:

Believe it or not, some men feel very lonely even when they have girlfriends of wives. Long distance and busy schedules could make a lady spend less time with her man. 

Her absence will eventually make him lonely and needy; the next thing you know, he'll be on top of another available lady. A man would possibly cheat when he doesn't spend much time with his woman.

#2  Selfishness and Greed:

Some men are just naturally selfish and greedy; they don't know where to draw the line when it comes to women and s*x.

The only reason they are alive is because they need to hunt and conquer as many ladies as they can. 

Even when they have a girlfriend or wife, they still look for other ladies to warm their beds. One woman is never enough for them!

#3  Insecurity:

Some men cheat basically because they are insecure either emotionally or financially; they need so much attention all the time. 

When a man doesn't feel loved or wanted, he could go out in search for someone who would love him the way he wants. 

In the course of his search, he would most likely test-drive to see if he is entirely compatible with the lady he chooses.

#4  Insatiable S*x Drive:

Some men cheat because of their insatiable s*x drive and lack of self-control. 

These type of men don't concentrate if they don't have s*x daily; it's like a compulsory medicine they need to take to feel whole. 

If these type of men find themselves with women who don't match their stamina or are incapable of satisfying their s*xual needs, they end up cheating to make up for what they don't get from their partners. You can call them nymphomaniacs!!!

#5  For Fun or Curiosity:

Some men are just hunters by nature; they simply love to hunt for fun or curiosity. It's like an adventure that pumps their adrenaline. 

Their ability to get a lady into bed proves to them that they are still desirable and on top of their game. They feel alive and excited when they have their cheating adventures.

#6  For Vengeance:

Some men don't just have that cheating nature but somehow they end up doing it. 

This group of men cheats because they want to either revenge their partner or payback someone who hurt them in the past. 

They may not really like the lady they are sleeping with but they do it to prove a point to someone.

7. They Don't Love Their Partner Anymore:

Some men fall out of love with their women along the way. When this happens, they don't feel attracted to their partner anymore and they start cheating in order to find someone who they are attracted to in many ways.

8. They Don't Believe in Monogamy:

Let's face it; some men don't just believe in the "one woman" thing. They believe there are billions of ladies in the universe that they are yet to know so they can't just stick to one woman all their life. Cheating for them is a normal way of life and they love it.

Most times, when men cheat they forget how much it hurts their partner. They also forget how much is at stake.

To them, it's just a fling or a casual affair with no- strings attached but it's so much more than that. 

Infidelity signifies a lack of self-control and it breeds mistrust and dishonesty in relationships.

Why do you think men cheat on their partners?

Sunday, October 09, 2016

10 Warning Signs You Need To End Your Relationship

Several weeks ago, I wrote a post on how to patch up a torn relationship. I received a lot of questions concerning the matter.

Some people wanted to know why they should work on a strained relationship instead of ending it and starting a new one.

My reply to them was "you need to keep working on your relationship or marriage till you've exhausted all your options".

Thursday, October 06, 2016

Why Do Women Cheat?

Cheating and Infidelity are words that are often associated with only men. When we hear that someone cheated in a relationship, the first thing that comes to our mind is "I'm sure it was the man who cheated".

Nobody expects a woman to cheat because we often think that cheating is a man's thing. But women cheat too.

Have you ever asked yourself why a committed and loyal lady will cheat on her man? 

Or why a responsible mother and wife would cheat on her husband even at the expense of her marriage?

Women cheat for the following reasons:


Some women cheat due to an irresistible urge to refuse monetary gifts from other men. 

Because of their unstable financial background, they are lured by men who have enough cash to throw around.

They start receiving gifts from men and before you say " Jack Robinson", they are caught red-handed on their backs.

Some women collect these gifts without thinking about the consequences involved while others receive these gifts because they are interested in the affair.


Some women cheat because they don't get enough emotional support from their men. It could be that their partners rarely have time for them and they are often very lonely.

Due to their loneliness, they jump at any offer given to them by another man who seems to pay them attention. 

These type of women don't need money to keep them faithful; all they want is quality time and attention from a man. They are die-hard romantics.


Hmmm. I know you were waiting for this one. This is usually the main reason why women cheat on their partners. 

When a woman's s*xual needs are not properly met, she could begin to look at well-endowed men who can satisfy her.

If you are a one-minute man or a one-round man or a no-foreplay man, you might not be able to keep a woman by your side for long. 

When she sees someone who is more active or attentive in bed, she would run into his arms without looking back.


Some women cheat out of curiosity or as a way of having fun. They don't plan to cheat on their partners for long but once they start, they can't stop the act. 

From fun or curiosity, it turns into a game or even a habit. These type of women just want to satisfy their curiosity or thirst for adventure.


Women who have high s*x libido find it difficult sticking to one man. Because of their incessant s*xual urges, they want to have s*x everywhere, every time with everyone they meet.

They don't mind doing it with a total stranger in a dark alley or a night club or even at the back of a car. 

Their aim is always to get rid of the s*xual itch and then they feel remorseful but end up doing it over and over again.

They are simply addicted to s*x; they can't do without it for too long.


Some women cheat as a result of depression or grief. When they get depressed and their partners are unable to comfort them, they begin to look for people to talk to, people who can keep them company or people who will make them feel loved and special.

So, when some guy comes around and starts reciting one romantic poem or the other, they fall helplessly in love with him and end up cheating on their partners.


Some women never planned on cheating on their partners. They really wanted to be faithful, committed and loyal to their partners. 

But when they catch their partners cheating on them on many occasions, they too begin to cheat instead of leaving their partners.

So, they cheat as a way of revenging on their spouses for cheating on them.

Do you know any other possible reasons why women cheat on their partners? 

Sunday, October 02, 2016

7 Secrets Every Nigerian Lady Keeps From Her Man

Every Nigerian lady has a secret. Many secrets they never tell anyone.

They hide them in the deepest part of their hearts for fear that people will see them as terrible women. 

They are afraid to speak up for fear that their partners will either leave them or never trust them again. 

Sometimes, the only person who knows about the secret is someone who is very close to them or someone who is also a partner in crime.

Some of the secrets ladies hide from men are:


Many Nigerian women are much older than they claim to be. You may never know the actual age of a lady from just her appearance. 

They often decrease their age so as to achieve some important goals such as marriage, job, or other goals that require a certain age grade. 

They go as far as forging a birth certificate to show as proof of their birthday. 

Most times, the only people who know their real age are their family members and close friends.


Every Nigerian woman keeps this special information to herself. Well, you don't expect them to go around announcing the number of men they've actually slept with. 

If they are asked, they either decrease or increase the number; it depends on what they want to hide.

The women who decrease the number of men they've slept with, do this because they don't want to be seen as sluts or nymphomaniacs. 

If a lady comes out and says she has slept with 20 men this year, I'm sure everyone around her will be alarmed.

The women who increase the number of men they've slept with, do this because they don't want to be seen as naïve or inexperienced women. 

So, even if they are virgins, they would claim to have slept with at least 2 or 3 people so that they would be seen as being s*xually active and experienced.


No sane Nigerian lady would like to admit that she has ever had an abortion. Of course, that is a secret they want to remain buried forever because they are not proud of it. 

The few ladies who actually admit that they have had an abortion never really say the actual number of times they had it. 

If a lady tells you she has had 5 abortions, would you still go ahead and marry her? I doubt it! 

You would conclude that her womb is already damaged and won't be of any use in "motherhood town".


Some Nigerian women never tell the real paternity of their children especially the first child. 

They convince their husbands that the children living in his house are really his but they themselves know the truth. 

Most women hide this because they don't want to be disgraced or even thrown out of the house. 

How many men would agree to raise up kids that aren't his especially if he didn't adopt them? 

Sometimes, due to desperation or frustration, a woman could get impregnated by another man and she would pretend as if her husband is the real father of her children.

Only a woman knows the paternity of all her kids; she even knows the time and place they were conceived. Creepy right? 


When a Nigerian couple weds, everyone assumes they are getting married because of love but it is not always the case. 

Every woman has a reason or two for getting married. These reasons could include financial stability, exchange between two families, pregnancy, pressure from their family, age factor or any other reason. 

The reasons are only known to a woman and sometimes her husband or family members; everyone else is left to assume, speculate, conclude and face their businesses. 


Not all Nigerian women would boldly state their s*xual fantasies; they don't want to be addressed as wayward women. 

So it's better if a lady keeps her s*xual fantasies to herself and takes only what her husband knows how to give. 

If she yearns for cunnilingus, she can't say it because her husband would start binding and casting all the s*xual demons out of her. 

For Christian women, it is a lot worse. I saw a write-up sometime online; it read "Is it right for a Christian wife to say things like: " harder, faster, give it to me, f*ck that pussy etc during s*x?" 

And the reply was: Not right... Instead say things like "Hasten, Come unto me faster, Harken to my pleas of heightened excitement." **laughs**

Every Christian woman would have to hide her s*xual fantasies so as to be seen as a follower of Christ and not the Devil. 

God forbid if she even dreams of having a threesome or making love at the back of a car on their anniversary.


No woman ever forgets her first love no matter how much time passes; he would always have a special place in her heart. 

Of course, she can't tell her husband this; it's her secret. 

She can't risk being thrown out of her marriage because she mentioned her first love or because she still misses him badly. 

Even if she doesn't yearn for him, it doesn't seem right mentioning him when her husband is around; he could interpret it wrongly. 

She won't tell him how she checks on her ex on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram or how jealous she felt when she heard he had relocated to Canada with his wife and adorable kids.

It's best to just stash all the memories of one's first love into a deep black box, lock it tightly and occasionally peep through it just to remind you of what you once had.

There are many things women really do not want men to know about them unless they have the guts to open up and spill some deep secrets.

It doesn't matter whether they are married or single, all women keep atleast 5 out of these secrets; they just don't tell.

Most men feel they know their women like a book but is that really true?