Wednesday, November 23, 2016


Last week I wrote on "10 Simple Ways to Boost Your Confidence" and some people sent me thank you notes and others reached out to me on twitter. 

I was really happy for the little contribution I was able to make to your lives. If you haven't read the post, you can read it HERE

Today, I'll still be writing on Confidence.

Saturday, November 19, 2016


Dating, in general, is affected by some factors. Some of these factors are either economic, ethnic, social, religious, or personal reason, etc. In this particular article, we will be looking at dating, in Nigeria, with a focus on the economic factor.

Unlike the western countries of the world and first world nations, where age/classmates could date and successfully get married to each other, the case is totally different in developing countries, like Nigeria.

Friday, November 18, 2016

6 Things You Shouldn't Be Caught Doing During A Threesome

Many people fantasise about different things which border on s£x. A threesome is often at the top of that s£xual fantasy list.

The thought of sleeping with more than one person at the same time is usually very thrilling- just imagine all the fun you could have with two people caressing every part of your body.

Just picture teases, caresses, kisses, blowjobs, s£x positions in abundance; you cum until you can't cum anymore. OMG!!! Just thinking about all of that nearly brings you to the edge right?

Wednesday, November 16, 2016


I was at the pool last weekend and a beautiful sight caught my eye.

A father was in the pool and he asked his little girl to jump into the pool; he promised to catch her when she jumps.

Immediately, she heard that, she fearlessly jumped into the pool. Her father caught her of course.

I was awed at her confidence and trust in her father. I know some adults who don't have even half of the confidence that little girl has.

When we encounter problems, the first course of action is "fear" because we feel we've lost control. We panic at the smallest obstacles that come our way.

Fear is a dangerous virus that enters the mind slowly and paralyses the whole body. Just like a flu, it invades the body and destroys it without obvious symptoms.

Fear is the major cause of confidence deficiency. Sometimes, we are afraid of falling in love because we don't want to be hurt again.

Other times, we are scared to trust someone because we don't want to be vulnerable.

You are so afraid to hurt someone that you end up trying to please everyone you meet and you end up being controlled by others.

You even give up on yourself and your dreams because you're trying to live someone else's dream.

Most unhappy people are individuals who have let fear become the boss of their life; it controls them.

It really breaks my heart when I see people especially ladies living in fear, because without confidence, you can never know the joy of living.

Unfortunately, when we try to be something we are not just to please another person, we remain in the shadows.

Our true selves never really come out because we hide in that dark cool corner called "comfort zone".

The truth is as long as you are in your comfort zone, you won't be able to reach amazing heights; you won't even accomplish great things.

Have you allowed fear to prevent you from doing what you love?

Do you want to reach great heights?

Do you want to accomplish great things?

Do you want people to know the real you?

Do you want to be able to speak up your mind?

If you answered " yes" to most of the questions, you need to do something urgently.

Are you suffering from confidence deficiency? These few tips will help you overcome it in no time. It is never too late to begin your journey to happiness and self- confidence.

1. Learn To Be Different:

For you to become bold and confident, you need to be different from the rest of the crowd. A lot of people don't know who they are; they are lost in the crowd.

They are swayed in every direction because they don't know what they want. They are often very negative, doubtful, fearful and indecisive.

The first step to being confident is accepting the fact that you are not like everyone else. You are unique. You are different. Believe it.

Be different; establish your own value system, have your own opinion, stick with it but don't force it on others.

Think outside the box! Carve your own path; stop following others. Stop pretending to be what you are not; know yourself and love yourself.

Ask yourself "Who Am I? What do I want? What Am I doing here?"

2. Love Yourself:

You are not a size. You are not a weight. You are not a colour. You are YOU. Love your beautiful self! If someone says they hate something about you, tell them you love it that way.

Be confident in your own skin. If you don't know your aura and share it with others, no one will notice it. Be radiant!

Every morning, when you wake up, look into the mirror and remind yourself of how beautiful and special you are! Love yourself deeply!

3. Believe You Can Do Anything:

Many people are not confident because they don't believe in themselves. They have talents but they don't believe they can put it to work and succeed.

It is easier for them to just believe what others are saying about them. Even when they nurture positive thoughts about themselves, they allow other people's negativity to blow them out of focus.

My dear friend, you are awesome. You are beautiful. You are talented. You can do anything you choose to do. "Just believe. You can do it ".

4. Don't Be Afraid To Chase Your Dreams:

Everyone dreams from time to time but not everyone has the courage or confidence to chase their dreams.

Why? It is a lot easier to just hide in the shadows, bury your dreams, live an average life and please as many people as we can.

Right? But then, you would just be an unhappy, indecisive and fearful person. You would just pass through life like a phantom without risking much and gaining much.

Do you really want to live that kind of life? I don't think so!!! We all want a much better life but we are too afraid, lazy and double-minded to do anything extraordinary.

Get up pal!!! It's time to chase those really big dreams. Yes, that one you swept under the carpet a long time ago. Bring it out, wipe the dust away and set things in motion. You can do it!!!

5. Be Inspired & Self-motivated:

If you want to be confident and successful, don't wait for anyone to tell you what to do. Not even your parents or your friends.

Know what you want and go after it with fervor. Learn to be inspired by everything and don't be slowed down by anything.

As you go through life, find things that mean something to you. Find a reason to smile in every obstacle you face.

Make yourself happy. Don't wait for anyone to spray your their happiness; get a formula and create your own!

6. Be Independent:

Some people want to be confident and successful but they are still sitting on the fence. They would love to be financially and emotionally secure, but they are still tied down by others.

You cannot be confident when you still look up to someone else to provide everything for you.

There is nothing more satisfying than stepping out on your own, finding something reasonable to do and succeeding at it.

Be independent; cut all the ropes connecting you to your helpers; become a helper too. Stop being scared of failure; be bold enough to take risks!!!

7. Stop Comparing Yourself To Others:

You are YOU! There is no other person like you I'm this world. You have special abilities!!! You can do what ever you put your heart into.

Stop comparing yourself to others. Stop comparing your work, relationship and marriage to that of your neighbour or colleague.

You have a very different mission to accomplish. If they have a helicopter and you have a bike, ride that bike with excitement and be the best bike rider ever.

Stop comparing yourself to others; you can never be them and they can never be YOU!

8. Be Determined to succeed:

When you find something you are passionate about; pour your heart into it. Don't do it halfheartedly. Be determined to succeed at what ever you are doing now.

Without determination and consistency, you may never succeed at anything. If you really want something to work,  put your all into it.

Be determined to make it work. When you fall, get up, learn from your mistakes and keep going. Don't even think of giving!

No one said success was easy to achieve. If it was, we would all be successful and filthy rich. Stay focused!

9. Remain Positive at all times:

We all face challenges in our day to day activities; some of these challenges could be financial, emotional, spiritual, psychologic or otherwise.

We also make many mistakes everyday but making mistakes is not the end of the world. We can recover from mistakes by simply changing our perspective.

When you want to do something, don't dwell on all the things that could wrong. Be positive that everything will work out for good. Think about all the exciting things that can happen.

Your attitude is all you need to make a difference in your life. Maintain a positive and zealous attitude towards life and you will enjoy life more.

10. Look At The Bigger Picture:

Some people are never happy; they worry too much about the small image they are seeing that they never see the bigger picture.

They spend their time moaning and complaining about everything that they miss out on the things that make life worthwhile.

Instead of wasting your time complaining about your predicament or about someone's attitude, look at the bigger picture and count your blessings even the ones that are yet to come. Always look at the bigger picture; it explains everything.

Don't allow fear to rule you any longer. Make a decision right now that you will learn to live boldly, confidently and aggressively. Stop living a narrow  life that has room for only you and your fears.

Let me tell you a secret; fear doesn't just go away! You will have to take action and chase that fear out of your life.

Are you ready for a more satisfying and fulfilling life? I believe you are!! Make that decision today and embark on the journey to happiness and abundant confidence.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

15 Ways To Increase Warmth In Your Relationship

Relationships need to grow and evolve to become perfect. Here are a few things to talk about in a relationship that can help you do just that.

All relationships aren’t the same.

Image result for cute relationship pictures with matching jordans

And the status of your relationship has a lot to do with the things you and your partner talk about.
While conversations come naturally as two people start dating and falling in love with each other, there are a few conversations that can help create a perfect relationship over time.
So are you in a new relationship?
Or are you in a long term relationship?
Things to talk about in a relationship
Conversations between couples have to be fun and yet, illuminating.
And here are a few great things to talk about for couples that can keep the excitement and the love glowing strong.
Irrespective of your relationship status, these few conversation tips that can help both of you understand each other and create new exciting conversations that can keep the relationship alive even when it doesn’t involve love and mush.
# Daily individual lives
Talk about each other’s daily events and activities. It can help both of you understand more about each other’s lives. Most couples ignore these conversations and end up drifting away from each other in no time.
# Movies and TV shows
Movies and television shows are perfect conversation makers for all couples. They provide for hours of gossiping and interesting conversations with a fresh perspective every day.
# Crushes and second glances
Do you think someone in your workplace is attractive? Or is someone from the third floor trying to catch your attention by trying to flirt with you? Talk to your partner about it. It may feel uncomfortable at first, but these conversations can actually bring both of you more closer than ever before and even eliminate insecurities. 
# Hobbies and interests
Do you like clubbing, painting or playing games? Talk about it with your partner. Our hobbies and interests change all the time, and keeping a lover in the loop will help both of you understand each other’s likes and dislikes better.
# Nothing At All
Silence is a beautiful thing in any relationship. Just being able to sit next to each other without feeling awkward or having to worry about what to talk about is a sign of a perfect relationship already.
But then again, are you both being comfortable with each other or just ignoring each other?
Things to talk about in new relationships
New relationships are more fun and exciting, it’s touchy, s*xy and doesn’t involve a hint of long term relationship just yet. You may be floating on the bubble of infatuation and everything may just seem perfect.

If you want your relationship to stay the same forever, talk about serious issues in a lighter vein and avoid any long term plans unless both of you are definitely serious about the relationship. Here are a few great things to talk about in a new relationship. 
# Goals and focus in life
New relationships are exciting and mysterious, but it helps a lot to start understanding each other’s goals and aspirations in life early in the relationship to avoid the pain of being stuck in a relationship with two different goals and ideologies towards life.
# New places to see together
Talking about new places to spend the weekend together can be a lot of fun in a new relationship. Do you have a few favorite hangouts where you like to spend a few hours over the weekend? Or did you just hear about a new restaurant or a movie that you definitely have to check out? Talk about it.
# Gossip about each other’s lives
Talk about either of your friends and their relationships, talk about work and talk about either of your favorite shows on TV. In a new relationship, even the most mundane of conversations can make your partner’s eyes light up. Help both of you understand each other’s friends, interests and everything else with happy gossip.
# Lifestyle and habits
What does your partner like doing over the weekend? How long do they take to dress up for a night out? How long do they spend playing games every evening? What about vacations, family, pets, hobbies, and all the works? Whew, couples in a new relationship have so many exciting things to talk about, don’t they?!
Use these conversations to learn about each other’s lifestyles and interests. It can help judge your compatibility for the long term.
# Past relationships
Past relationships are suspense thrillers in the dating scenario. We want to talk about it, but yet, we’re too scared to talk about it before we feel like the time is right.
Don’t talk about past relationships until you’re a few months into a new relationship, unless of course, it crops up out of the blue into a conversation. Hiding facts about past relationships or revealing them too soon can create insecurities and confusions that could damage a relationship before it’s had the time to create a strong foundation. 
Things to talk about in long term relationships
Long term relationships are not easy to experience, but if you’ve been past a few years and are still deeply in love with each other, well, kudos to you!
Here are a few things to talk about in a long term relationship that will ensure that both of you still think along the same lines. After all, a perfect long term relationship isn’t defined by two people in love with each other. It is defined by two people who love each other and understand each other more than anyone else in the world.
# Talk about finances
Finances and money issues play a big part in any long term relationship. And monetary satisfaction in a long term relationship can be achieved only if both partners discuss ways to save money, invest money and spend money.
# Your future together and paired goals
One of the satisfying conversations of a long term relationship is the one involving future plans and goals in life. Talk about your dreams and aspirations with your partner and make sure you know your partner’s wants and dreams in life too.
Sometimes we assume we know everything about our partner, but it takes a few conversations and exchange of ideas to truly understand each other instead of making wrong assumptions.
# Vacations and getaways
Vacations are a happy time for every partner. Both of you may work hard all year long and may want to look forward to something exciting and pleasurable to renew the excitement of love and life. Talk about vacations, even if you intend to travel several months later. 
Talking about breaks and romantic getaways can fill both of you with a surge of happiness and motivation even if there are a lot of hurdles and pain today.
# Kids and family
Families may seem perfect on the outside, but every one of them has a few cracks that can be a minor annoyance. Discuss about family matters and how either of you can deal with it. Talk about kids and their lives ahead.

And if you don’t have kids just yet, talk about when you intend to have them and how you can plan for them. Conversations like these are better spoken earlier than later.
# Intellectual conversations and emotional growth
In a perfect relationship, both partners must be able to predict each other’s thinking and behavior. But it doesn’t end with little odd jobs or happy surprises.
Life is a complex experience that’s as unique as we are. Have intellectual conversations about life, the paths people choose, the hurdles both of you have overcome and mysterious forces that both of you believe in.

When you grow emotionally and intellectually as a couple, both of you will come closer to each other, spiritually and intellectually. And if that doesn’t make for a perfect couple, what does?
To experience a warm and perfect relationship, you need to remember these little things to talk about in a relationship because they really can make the difference between a happy romantic ending and a confused one.

Monday, November 14, 2016


Introverts make an average of 50% in our society which means we all have one introvert in our life. 

Most people have misunderstood introverts to being aloof or shy without realising that they have many desirable qualities that makes them unique. 

Introverts love people but they do not love spending too much of their time around people.

They get energy from being alone and they don’t mind spending time in solitude. 

If you are in a relationship with an introvert, it's important to understand their personality traits so you can have a thriving and healthy relationship with them.



Ever thought about the proper definition of the word ‘lady’ and how best a lady should act? Well, ladies are women who know how to carry themselves with poise, class and grace.

Regardless of how old you are, the size of your purse or the attractiveness of your facial or body features, a lady should be that female who is well groomed and very presentable.

For this reason, you should figure out some behaviours that make you unladylike, for it is never enough to wear fashionable clothes without knowing how best to behave. How do you carry yourself?

Tuesday, November 08, 2016


Congratulations on your wedding anniversary Mr & Mrs Anebi... Who are they? Let me present...

Monday, November 07, 2016

NUPTIAL VOWS: Debbie weds Idowu

I have been given the opportunity to feature this awesome couple on my website and I'm thrilled. Yeaahhh!!! Allow me to introduce the soon-to-be Husband and Wife...

Wednesday, November 02, 2016


Every day, people buy too much stuff they don't even need in order to be happy. They get temporarily happy but after a while, they end up depressed and unhappy.

Some people waste many hours chasing after happiness…to no avail. They may find excitement or satiation, but TRUE HAPPINESS still eludes them. Even at their places of work and in their relationships, they seem very unhappy.