Thursday, December 29, 2016

Please Help! My Husband Is Not Supportive Enough During Pregnancy

My husband of 2 years has suddenly stopped caring about me. I remember when we first got married, he showered me with so much love and attention.

I'm two months pregnant with our first child and I need him the most but he seems so nonchalant, distant and disconnected. Sometimes, I feel he doesn't love me anymore or maybe, he never loved me anymore. 

Sincerely, I can't say he is not caring at all but he rarely asks how I'm feeling and when he does he just asks to ask(for peace sake, I guess).

I vomit almost every night (he is usually asleep, of course). When he wakes up, he gets mad that I didn't make breakfast, even though I had given him lunch for work the previous day. I couldn't do anything in the morning since my nausea was really bad.

This is just one of the many instances. He doesn't help me around the house, he  doesn't help wash the dishes, he doesn't care about how I'm feeling and refuses to do anything even something as little as making a sandwich, since he is always used to it being "my job".

How do I explain to him and make him understand what I'm really feeling. He thinks I'm exaggerating, while I can't eat or barely cook but still have to do it since he won't even bother. I feel like I'm going through this pregnancy alone!

What Do I Do?

Friday, December 16, 2016


Christmas is a time when we celebrate with friends and family. During this season, food is abundant and gifts are exchanged amidst laughter and joy. Would it be like that this year?

Earlier this year, the country went into recession and it was difficult surviving. And then came MMM and other money-making schemes to put smiles on our faces. Gradually, we picked up our lives and things seemed great for a while.

Friday, December 09, 2016

Naughty Friday: Are You Making Love Or Having S£x?

What is lovemaking? What is having s£x? Is there really any difference between the two terms? You are about to find out!

Some people say that making love is just another term for having s£x. Unfortunately, they've been wrong! I guess it's because the both terms have been used interchangeably.

What's The Difference?

Well, making love involves having s£x but having s£x isn't necessarily making love. Having s£x is more mechanical than making love. It often involves a desire for physical contact with someone else's body.

Caressing, touching, kissing, smooching, fondling, sucking, biting and of course intercourse are mere fulfilments of a desire for physical contact. It is just S£X. Plain and unemotional s£x.

There are no strings attached especially for the guys. For most people, they have s£x to get rid of the physical urges they have. That's why it is so easy for them to just go out, pick a total stranger and head straight home for the night to have S£X! Just S£X- no emotions are involved.

The next morning, the stranger is gone and the circle continues again!

On the other hand, Lovemaking takes place between two lovers; two souls who have taken time to know each other, to understand each other, to get attached emotionally and to support each other.

Lovemaking involves a deep connection of two bodies. It is filled with emotions, feelings and affection. It is intense and sensual...

According to Aristotle 'Lovemaking is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies. Wow! That is sooo deep!

In my opinion, Lovemaking is very different from having s£x because it involves a lot of trust and commitment.

I know guys are scared of the word "commitment" but the truth is "s£x is easy, very easy that even animals do it".

Lovemaking, on the other hand, involves a deep connection and opening up with another human being. It is more than just being naked; it is being bare and vulnerable!

Love making is all about your lover's mind, body and soul; the entire being is involved! It is an expression of love; it is a desire to communicate the love you have for each other. It is mutual and beneficial!

If you can easily go out, take a complete stranger to bed for the night, you're just having s£x!

But if you've taken your time to get know someone and probably have feelings for this person or you've become emotionally involved with this person, then you're definitely making LOVE!

Now, you know the difference! Have you been making love or just having s£x?

Wednesday, December 07, 2016


A young man was courting a sister for a while and they were seriously preparing for marriage.

At the beginning of their courtship, he asked her on several occasions if she had any secrets he should know about but she always said "NO".

He was strongly against premarital s£x so he never touched her. She tried so many times to seduce him into having s£x with her but she never succeeded.

Even after their traditional marriage, he refused sleeping with her. She kept insisting that they were traditionally married but he remained adamant.

A week before their white wedding they went for some tests as instructed by the church. Sadly, the girl was HIV positive!

She never told him about it while they were courting! He really loves her but he is very confused!

They've invited a lot of people and they are almost done with the wedding preparations.

Guys, what would you do if you were in his shoes? 
What would you do if you find out your BRIDE-TO-BE is HIV positive a few days to your wedding?

Friday, December 02, 2016

Naughty Friday: The 10 Commandments Of Giving A Blow Job

It's Friday again! Yeahhh! If you've been following this blog for a while, I'm sure you know how dirty and nasty it gets in here on Fridays.

Today is actually for the ladies but it will benefit the guys more in a very good way **winks*

Ladies, you might need a writing pad for this one! Whether you're a PRO at giving bl0w jobs or you're still a total novice, this Friday is dedicated to you.

If you want your man to remain loyal and faithful to you, then you have to learn how to give him a mindblowing bl0wjob at least once a day. Don't shout oh! It's a daily ritual that has to be enjoyed by the both parties involved.


7 days to a closer, stronger and HOTTER relationship- Are you up for the challenge?

1. Thou Shall Not Use Teeth:

Ladies, I know the d*ck looks fleshy like chocolate but please don't bite it! Open your mouth wide like when you want to lick a lollipop and take the d*ck slowly in your mouth.

You may love to playfully nibble on it from time to time but don't bite too hard. A little nibble can make a bl0wjob extremely lovely but the be sure your man feels comfortable with the idea.

2. Thou Shall Use Plenty Of Saliva:

Lubrication is the key to giving a wonderful bl0wjob! No man likes it dry and rough; they all like it wet and sloppy.

The wetter the better- use plenty of saliva while sucking that chocolate stick. Using plenty of spit will help your mouth slide all the way down his candy and back up. Your man will be on cloud 7!

3. Be Generous With Thy Tongue:

I've already given you a quick description on how  to use your tongue instead of your teeth. Just suck it like a Lollipop. Run your wet tongue along every inch of his length as you suck the hell out of him!

4. Thou Must Make Love To The Candy:

Oh Yes! Make love to that Candy stick, girl. Show it sooo much love and pour all your sugar on it. Don't just suck that it, make sweet tender love to it.

5. Twirl That Head with thy Tongue:

As you send your man gradually to cloud 9, don't be stiff! Move your head in different directions as you continue to suck him. Twirl your tongue around him gently. Be flexible.

6. The Tip Is Your Friend, Focus On It:

While you're sliding your tongue up and down his shaft, don't forget the tip! Start slowly by teasing the tip with your wet tongue.

After licking the shaft for a few minutes, give some attention to the tip; suck it hard briefly then continue sliding your tongue or lips up and down. He's going to go crazy with pleasure!

7. Thou Shouldst Moan Deeply While Sucking The Lollipop:

Hmmm. If you know what your s£xy moans do to your man, I'm sure you will do it every single minute of the day. While you're sucking him feverishly like you can't get enough of him, moan deeply in your throat. It's going to bring him over the edge faster!

8. Make Eye Contact while sucking:

There is nothing s£xier than you looking passionately at your partner while you give him immense pleasure. When you're sliding your mouth up and down his joystick, maintain eye contact with him! Look deeply into his eyes as you twirl your tongue along his hard shaft.

9. Don't Forget The Balls:

The twins deserve your attention too. Don't abandon them while you're busy; try to carry them all along. Play with the balls by squeezing lightly, sucking, licking and teasing them! Let them join in the fun too!

10. Thou Must Swallow The Delicious Cum:

Hmmm. I know some girls will squeeze their face when they read this one. Just note that a blowjob is not complete if you let the cum pour out; you have to swallow it. Don't waste any of the hot cum, girl. Swallow every last drop! I heard it's proteinous by the way. **smiles**



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