Wednesday, January 25, 2017


A friend of mine needs urgent advice!

She is in a relationship with a certain guy. She is 23 years old and her boyfriend is 28. They've been dating for about 8 months. He lives alone in a small apartment. She visits him almost every weekend.

Whenever she visits, the house is usually in a mess. She tries to clean up and fix the house before she does any other thing.

Last weekend, she came to his house to spend some time and immediately, she entered the apartment, he said "Can you wash those dishes in the sink? They've been in there for 3 days now".

It seemed he had been piling up the dishes and waiting for her to come around.

When she heard it, she didn't react. She just did as he said and kept her mouth shut. After washing the dishes, she went into the room and saw a basketful of dirty clothes; obviously waiting for her to wash them.

After she had washed and cleaned up the house, her boyfriend said "Hope you're not upset that I told you to wash the dishes?" He also said that "a woman belongs in the kitchen and a man doesn't". Can you imagine?

The other day, they went to visit his family and after they had finished eating, her boyfriend stood up to go downstairs with his brother and he said "Help my mom clean the table and wash the dishes".

She was really upset!!! She asked herself "What does he take me for? Am I his house girl?"

Would any of you ladies be upset with this kind of attitude? Or is she overreacting?

Some people think a lady should clean and cook for her boyfriend but is it really proper?

What would you do if you were in her shoes. Great advice would be appreciated!

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