Friday, January 27, 2017

Naughty Friday: The 10 Commandments Of Eating Pussy

It's Friday again! Yayyy! I have to confess; I was a bit restless during the week. I kept wishing Friday would come faster because I was cooking something hot, s£nsual and naughty for you guys this weekend.

If you were here last week, I'm sure you've read my post "5 Mind-blowing Reasons Why You Need To Eat Her Pussy Regularly".

If you haven't read it, honey, you need to go HERE right now before you jump into today's post.

Okay. Enough jokes. Let's be serious now! I remember I promised to give you 10 commandments of eating pussy.

Whether you're a beginner or a pro at eating pussy, this post is for you.

So, you've finally decided you want to eat pussy. Or maybe you've been eating pussy but, you want to improve your skills; let the following rules guide you.

1. Thou Must Know Every Pussy is different:

This is actually the first step to eating pussy well. You must know and acknowledge that all pussies are not the same. Just as all dicks are not the same!

You can't use the same techniques on every pussy. Your present girlfriend might hate the method your ex adored. Be ready to study her pussy, do as she says and adapt to a new technique. Don't Argue!!!

2. Thou Must Start Slow:

Yes! You must follow this rule; Start Slow. Don't barge in like some wild animal pouncing on a prey. Start slowly; allow the tension to build up, make her wet in anticipation. Be a Gentlemen and Enjoy your meal!


3. Thou Must Not Go Straight To The Clit:

I know you want to start eating pussy right away. You've been anxiously waiting for this moment and now the time has come for you to showcase your skills.

Don't You Dare Go Straight To The Clit! Start by kissing her on the lips then gently nibble her neck.


Lick her nipples hungrily, kiss her belly button and continue downwards.
When you get to pussy land, kiss her clit briefly and move onto her thighs.

Kiss her thighs. Use your tongue to draw patterns on her thighs. Caress and kiss her legs. Make her want you badly!

4. Thou Shall Nibble, Kiss, Slurp and Suck Her Pussy:

After all that teasing, she's going to beg you to suck her already. Slowly lick her outer lips until you get to her clit.

Then start licking her clit in an upward direction; from down to top. Add a little saliva; make it slurpy and wet.

Then change to circular movements or motor engine movements; shake your head in a vibrating way. Be firm! Do this for 1 minute!

5. Dip Your Tongue Or Fingers Into Her Pussy:

You can decide to either penetrate her with your tongue or your fingers. If you decide to use fingers, slowly insert one finger inside her; you can use your middle finger or your thumb. Start finger f*cking her while gradually increasing the speed.

Do this for 30 seconds! Then insert your middle finger and index finger into her. Curve your fingers upwards and do the COME sign. You should feel something spongy; that's her G-spot! Massage it briefly.

6. The Clit Is Your Best Friend:

It's time for some serious business! You have to focus on the clit; put some pressure on it. Lick her clit firmly and consistently!

Don't use the tip of your tongue; use the middle or end part of your tongue. Flatten your tongue against her clit and lick it upwards.

Don't just suck her pussy, lick it hungrily like you lick vanilla-flavoured ice cream. Close your eyes and lick firmly in one direction. Continue doing this for some minutes!

7. Thou Shall Not Leave Other Spots Unattended:

I know you're busy with all the sucking, licking, nibbling and teasing going on. Don't neglect other parts of her body like her b**bs.

While you're sucking and licking, use your hands to fondle her breasts simultaneously. You can also insert your fingers into her honey pot or a-hole if she's comfortable with it.


8. Thou Must Follow Her Directions:

Now, you have to make her cum by listening to her moans and following her directions. When you firmly flatten your tongue against her clit and she rewards with a "Yesssss baby", you're definitely on the right path. Keep going!

But, if you change your movements and she redirects you by holding your head in a particular spot, follow her lead!  If she says "Faster", go faster! Just do as she says!!!

9. Thou Must Minimise Saliva:

So, you're licking firmly and making her go crazy! Watch the amount of saliva you're drooling onto her pussy. Don't bathe her pussy with saliva; keep it slightly wet but not swampy! Swallow some of that saliva from time to time.

10. Thou Must Finish Eating The Pussy:

It's a bad habit to leave her pussy halfway. If your hands feel numb or you start getting exhausted, simply move upwards and fondle her b**bs while resting your hands.

Don't get up and say " Oh baby, I'm tired". It's a grave offence in the pussy land! Please finish eating that pussy and make sure you give her a mind blowing org~sm. Just follow her directions until she cums.

Aaahhhhh! Aaaahhhh! Oh Yeeahh!! Yes, Baby!!! You should hear something like that and feel some muscles tighten at the end of the show! **winks**

You will successfully bring her to the edge when you obey the commandments diligently. Of course, you are allowed to improvise; try out whatever works for you and bae!

Have A Wonderful Pussy-Eating Weekend! And Yessss! I want feedback!


Han J. Johnson said...

Lovely post

Jennifer Dagi said...

Thanks Han!

Unknown said...

I could do this everyday!

Jennifer Dagi said...

Hmm... You're a true gentleman. Your girlfriend must be really lucky!!!



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