Monday, March 13, 2017

What Is Your Biggest Relationship Challenge?

First of all, I want to say I'm really impressed with the growth of this blog. It is still quite early in the year to say how much we've grown but still I'm genuinely impressed.

It's been a while I appreciated my readers so I want to use this medium to specifically THANK YOU for everything that you do to move this blog forward.

I see your comments, shares and likes on almost all social networks. There are still people who read my posts but never share nor comment; I also wish to say "thanks for taking your time to read my lengthy posts". I'm really grateful!

Today, I’m really not in the mood to fill pages with my words. I’ve written a lot of articles on dating, relationship, marriage, s*x and intimacy. I hope you’ve gotten some value out of them.

I decided to take this week to focus on you and your relationship. I’m concerned about you. How are you? What is your relationship like? What is holding your relationship from moving forward? 

I really want to help you grow your relationship into a healthy and strong one. I want to help you put your marriage back on track. They say ‘ A problem shared is half solved ‘.

What is your biggest relationship challenge ?

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