Friday, May 12, 2017

Q&A Friday: If You Could Be Stranded On An Island With One Person, Who Would It Be?

Just imagine you are traveling by ship to a faraway distance and all of a sudden the ship capsizes in the middle of nowhere. 

By sheer luck and divine intervention, you and one other person survive. 

When you look around you, the only helpful things you see are an emergency boat, a first aid box, bottles of water and some food. 

Both of you hurriedly pack these things and get into the emergency boat without a clue of where you are or where you are going.

You drift around for a long time and finally get to a deserted island. It’s a beautiful island of course. 

But the horrible fact remains that you are stranded with one person and you don't know if you would ever get out. 

If you could choose one person who would be stranded with you on that island, who would you choose?


  1. Anonymous18 May

    I just stumbled on your blog and decided to drop a comment. Hope it's not coming too late? If I could be stranded with anyone, anywhere, I'll choose my girlfriend of 4 years - Lisa. She means the world to me. With her by my side, I know I can survive anything. That's how much I love her!

    1. Aww!!! That is so sweet! Lisa must be a very lucky girl and I'm sure you will truly overcome all challenges with her by your side.




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