Friday, 7 July 2017

Naughty Friday: 10 Mistakes Men Make During S£x

This Friday, I’m going to focus on the men and their bedroom skills. Some men really know what it takes to get down with a woman but a few still don’t get it.

They don’t much about the s£x department except to dip the stick into the honey pot and bring out when it is limp.

There’s a lot more attached to s£x than just your own satisfaction. S£x is an art that involves tenderness, passion, desire, patience and love. It should be beautiful and amazing!

So, as my weekend gift to all my male readers, here are a few mistakes to avoid while having s£x with your partner:

1. Pursuing your lover only in bed:

After a long, hectic day as you get under the sheets together, you are probably going to skip the preliminaries and go straight for the main event, if there has been no flirting during the day.

If you don’t build up expectation and enthusiasm during the day, don’t expect much from your partner.

Women love being wooed. They need to know they are desired by their lovers. You need to let your partner know she’s still as hot as when you first met her.

Send her naughty texts when you are not together. Tell her how s£xy she is and how much you want to devour her.

Let her know you’re thinking about her and can’t get her out of your mind. Don’t abandon her all day and pursue her only in bed!

2. Not speaking up about your needs: 

Many men think that s£x will just happen. They feel they are entitled to it whether the woman in question wants it or not. It’s part of the relationship, right? Well, not really. Your woman doesn’t have the same needs as you.

So, if you need some little action, say it. Don’t expect her to know what you’re thinking. Speak up!

Saying “Baby, are we going to have s£x tonight?” makes it seem like an obligation or chore. Instead, try being a bit more direct and say “baby, I want you.” It sounds way s£xier!

3. Letting yourself go:

Maybe you’ve been together for a 5 or 10 years and somehow, added some weight unconsciously. Don’t let yourself go completely; a little addition is not so terrible but you need to watch it.

Your partner wants a lover who takes care of himself in every way possible from your basic hygiene, to how you dress, to what shape you’re in physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Get some perfumes, shave regularly, exercise often, watch what you eat, and keep yourself together.

4. Going down on her too soon, or not at all:

Diving in for the genitals too soon during s£x can be a huge turn off for some women. Whether you want to stimulate her with your hands or tongue; don’t rush it.

Your partner needs to be properly aroused before you go down on her. Focus on her whole body. Caress her from head to toe.

Kiss her neck gently, nibble her ears gently and run your tongue on her belly. Don’t just rush down south and start fondling her.

If you don’t bother going down on your partner at all, is she okay with it? Have you asked her? Talk about it with her and see what she thinks. You may be surprised!

5. Not knowing the clitoris or its location:

Many men think that a woman reaches her orgasm just by mere penetration. But that’s not entirely true with most women.

Your woman may experience pleasure during penetration; but she will need more than that to reach her orgasm.

The clitoris was created for only pleasure; it has no other function so don’t ignore it. If you have no idea what a clitoris is, simply ask Google or go to the library and find an anatomy book.

Become a student of her body and learn everything about it; she’ll thank you for it.

6. Neglecting other erogenous zones:

Most women have more erogenous areas than simply her breasts, nipples, and genitals.

The big three may be the areas that are most stimulating for you during foreplay, but you need to explore other areas.

Ask her what she likes; take note of how she responds to touches in some zones. And remember them each time you make love to her!!! Take the time to learn your partner’s other “hot” zones.

The neck, shoulders, back, belly, buttocks, and feet are common erogenous zones you need to pay attention to.

7. Not exploring her fantasies:

All women have an erotic side. They also have fantasies that wish could be fulfilled by their lover. What are your partner’s s£xual fantasies?

Have you bothered to ask her? If she likes role-play, try dressing up for her one evening in a costume and see her reaction.

You could dress up as a butler, waiter, doctor, stripper, or anyone you like. If you long for your wife to “dress up” for you, try talking to her about it.

Even if her fantasies involve running away to a deserted island, take her with you on a vacation to some fancy beach. Just surprise her!

8. Expecting her to act like a porn star:

Talking of fantasies, one of the many terrible things that pornography teaches us is that a woman should fulfil a man’s every fantasy.

This is quite impossible except your partner is super crazy or funky. But if she’s not the crazy type who wants to fulfil your fantasies, don’t force her to.

Respect her decisions! She is not an object, don’t treat her like one.

9. Assuming she’s satisfied:

You’ve just had a mind-blowing orgasm and you’re perfectly okay so she should be too, right? Wrong. Many women are not near as quick to reach their orgasms as men.

Even when you think she’s satisfied, ask her if she is. If she isn’t, find other means to satisfy her.

There are many other ways of pleasing her; fingering, cunninlingus etc. Make sure she’s the one interested in more not just you.

10. Going way too fast:

Some men are often too hasty when they go under the sheets. They are too preoccupied with their own desires that they don’t think of their partner’s need.

The minute they come in contact with their partner, they fondle her briefly and the next thing you know, they are inside her, ejaculating.

When it comes to s£x, remember it’s an art; slow down, take your time with each other and enjoy the moments together. But if you only have time for a “quickie” then this may not apply.

But if you’ve have the time and you’re in the mood, don’t rush it. Slow down, relax and enjoy the blissful moment!

There is nothing that kills a relationship faster than bad s£x. If you have been making these mistakes, it’s not too late to correct them.

If you didn’t know these are mistakes you can avoid; now you know. Avoid making them as much as you can.

Have a wonderful weekend!

What mistakes do you think men make during s£x?

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