Monday, 23 October 2017

25 & Blooming: Today Is My Birthday!

Today is my Birthday. HURRAY!!! I can't even believe it; I'm 25 years old already! Last time I checked I was just 16; where did all the years go? Geez! Now, I'm terrified of going to bed and waking up as a 70 year old grandmother. Hmm...

Sweet sixteen is a very magical age for a girl- this is the age where she starts believing in herself and actually believes when others tell her she is beautiful. Another age that is even more splendid and magical in a woman’s life is 25. Hmm, it sounds golden, doesn’t it? No?  Yes, it does.

25 is that time when yo
u’re compared to a ripe and j
uicy fruit ready to be plucked. It is that time when your breasts appear firmer like they are ready to feed a baby. **chuckles**

It is also that time when essential parts of your body become fu
ller and rounder. You can’t just explain it but it would seem as if you were a blossoming flower with a scintillating fragrance.

This is the time when people will see you as a mature, independent
 and confident person. It is not as if you weren’t exactly mature before 25, the fact is that people assume you’re still immature until you turn 25. 

For a woman, it is a time of bloom; a ripening age. It is that period when men of different sizes an
d skin tones would begin to flock around you to showcase their worthiness to take you home as if you were a prize to be won. 

They would nearly sweep the ground you walk on simply beca
use they want to be the right life partner for you. 

Even people who never 
noticed you before would begin to use flattering words such as “Wow, Lucy you’ve grown into a beautiful girl” as if you used to be an ugly duckling. If you had a handful of admirers before now, expect them to triple in number.

You can’t blame them; they just can’t help it! Your beauty and aura ju
st began to radiate. You’re literally glowing like the sun! 

Everywhere you pass; people notice you and want to be associ
ated with you as if you’re covered in gold or diamonds. You notice it too but pretend you don’t. 

You spend so much time looking at yourself in the mirror trying to fig
ure out what exactly changed in you and when it all happened.

Your admirers still continue to increase as if they were customers waiting in a queue to order their favourite pastry with chocolate topping. You would try to employ tactics to reduce their number; you may even avoid or reject those who you assume to be “unworthy of you”. 

For those whom you consider worthy and dateable; you will keep t
aunting them, drawing them close and pushing them away at the same time just to make them go crazy. 

But you’ll keep smiling, giggling and flirting with all of them in order 
to keep the attention on you because you need it to fan your ego.

This is also the time when you realise that you can no longer depend on your parents for everything. You’re a grown ass woman now. You feel you have a say in your destiny.

You’re 25 and happy; I’m sure you think life has just begun for you! Yes, it has honey but don’t get too carried away in all the fun. 

Remember that a fruit becomes ripe and juicy before it gets over-ripe and rotten. While you’re still basking in your glory bear these tips in mind:

1. Enjoy your life and be happy

This is your time to shine so just enjoy your life. Give yourself occasional treats, change your wardrobe and visit a lot of places. Just have fun!!

2. Try to make the right choices

We all are imperfect beings and it is by making mistakes that we learn. Try to avoid unnecessary mistakes as much as you can. Be discerning.

3. Don’t look down on others

While you’re enjoying your golden 25, don’t look down on others especially girls who aren’t in your clique. You never know who would come to your aid in the future.

4. Start preparing for motherhood

Get closer to married women who would educate you on motherhood instead of wasting your time talking to girls who are only obsessed with material things.

5. Be committed to something

With all this confidence you’re feeling right now don’t just sit at home doing nothing. Go out, explore and find useful things to be committed to. Join beneficial groups or clubs.

6. Make some good friends

Don’t block out everyone who wants to get to you. Use this time for networking and connecting; make some good friends who would be useful to you in the future.

7. Spread the glow

Keep smiling and spreading the love everywhere you go. Put smiles on people’s faces too. Remember to leave a lasting impact on the people you meet.

A man’s life begins at 40 but for a lady, it begins at 25. Use your opportunities wisely and when the time comes, make the right choice! 

Don’t get too carried away that you let the love of your life go a
nd you end up lonely, miserable and desperate at 35. Enjoy your time of bloom; it happens only once in a lifetime!

How many of you clocked 25 this year? I'm in a desperate need of age mates here!