Sunday, December 10, 2017

Parents Beware! S£x Offenders Are Usually People You Don't Suspect

I heard a story last week and it hurt so bad just listening to it. Halfway through the story, I was already on the brink of tears. 

At the end of the story, I was both depressed and angry. I couldn’t understand why some people behave the way they do and later blame it on the devil. 

Well, let me not start blabbing. Here goes the story...

A young couple lived alone in an apartment with their 2-year-old daughter who was an only child. 

They were both workaholics who never had time for their child. They left for work very early and returned late every day. 

They usually left the child with their house help but then she got married at a young age and they became sort of helpless. 

They tried looking for another help who could babysit their child but they weren’t successful in their search. 

One day, a distant cousin came to visit them and he opted to babysit the child while they were away. 

They were so thrilled at the thought that their child would be safe with someone they knew; someone the baby called “Uncle”.

A few months after Uncle started babysitting the child; she fell so ill and had to be rushed to the hospital. 

Her hair was falling out, her skin was so dry and  flaky and she looked malnourished. 

After some diagnosis, the Doctor revealed to the parents that the child seemed to be suffering from abuse.

They couldn’t believe their ears; what did the Doctor mean by abuse? 

They provided more than enough for their child and as far as they were concerned nobody hits or maltreats her. So what kind of abuse was he talking about?

When he said “s£xual abuse”, the mother of the child almost collapsed. She almost called the doctor a liar but held back her tongue. 

When they got home, they began to analyse everything the Doctor had said at the hospital. 

He had asked who they left the child with but they didn’t believe their cousin would abuse their own child.

They came to a decision. They had to find a way to monitor everything that happened to their child in their absence. 

So, they installed a hidden camera in every room in their house without informing the “Uncle” or the cleaners.

That evening when they got back, they received the shock of their lives when they played the video from the camera. 

The man they called “Uncle” didn’t feed their daughter properly; in fact, he practically denied her of food. 

Whenever she cried for food, he’ll bring out his erect p*nis and ask her to suck it. He told her if she sucked it long enough, food will come out from it for her to eat. So, this innocent girl sucked to see if what uncle said was true.

At the end of it all, he would cum inside her mouth and ask her to swallow it. Afterwards, if she continued crying for food, he would feed her. 

Occasionally, he attempted to penetrate her but when he couldn’t, he continued with his evil act. He did this wicked thing every day!

After watching the video, the mother wept bitterly. They couldn't understand why a family member would do anything like that to an innocent child. 

The next day when uncle came around to babysit the child, the police arrested him. 

Hmmm, what a world we live in! What do you think the law would do to him? 

Personally, I wished he wouldn’t be sentenced to a quick death like hanging or firing squad. 

He deserves to be tortured very slowly; first, his fingers would be cut off one after the other and then his ears would be next. 

Finally, the organ he used to perpetrate such evil acts would be cut off too along with his balls. I can just imagine the pain he would go through! 

This is the perfect punishment for abusers who defile children and women. They are so shameless and heartless. 

Of course, this kind of story is not entirely new to us; we hear different cases of child abuse and molestation every day.

This is simply a wake-up call for all of us to remain watchful and alert. Evil people are lurking everywhere, looking for people’s lives to destroy. 

Parents, please create time for your children! No amount of money would bring you as much joy as your child. 

Mothers, I know you want to be independent and financially stable but please, try to get a job that gives you more time for your kids so you don’t have to leave them in the care of other people. 

Nobody can take care of your own child more than you do. It all boils down to setting our priorities right and being responsible. 

My advice to you is "never leave your child with anyone unsupervised" and don't allow any uncle bath your female child; even aunties need to be watched these days. 

Be mindful of the people you call "Uncle" or "Aunty"; not all of them are as nice as they claim to be. Let's be more responsible towards our children!!!

What do you think is the best punishment for an abuser?

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