Hello Friends, 

hope you’re all having a swell time. Um… Today, I just want to define my
vision for my blog; what I want to achieve and what I expect from my readers.
I’m asking myself why I started this blog in the first place and what
I hope to gain from it. People have different goals and expectations when
opening a blog. 

Some of these goals could be; gaining popularity, earning an
income, developing an interest into a hobby or just fun. Before I created this
blog, I had a vision of what I wanted to achieve with it. I wanted to teach people
all about love, relationships and intimacy through my posts. I didn’t want an
ordinary blog that didn’t communicate to people.

I wanted a blog that could give me access to people and their emotions. I
wanted to be able to reach out to people and discover the problems they face in
their relationships and marriages. And now, I want the same things but I don’t
know if I’m on the right path but hey, it feels so right! I wouldn’t turn back
now even if I was given an option to.


My passion is to
help people with their various challenges in life especially when it comes to
love and relationship. A lot of people have issues with their relationships and marriages but
they prefer to die in silence rather than talking to someone who could help
them. I’m not saying I’m an expert when it comes to love or relationships;
don’t get me wrong. All I’m saying is that I’ve always had an interest in
people and relationships.

I love listening to people and helping them deal with real life
issues. I’ve had friends who came to me for relationship advice and
luckily, my advice helped them. I noticed some of them hesitated before asking
me questions maybe because they didn’t want to share their secrets with anyone.
I often told them that sharing their problems with someone helps a great deal.
Sometimes, just talking with someone helps to ease off some stress.


I had a vision of interacting with my readers worldwide. I wanted to
read their comments and use the platform to improve my blog and their
relationships. I know it is still too early to say if my vision will come to
pass but I’m hoping it will with time. 

In the meantime, while you’re still
shying away from commenting or asking questions, please keep reading. But if
you decide to leave a comment, you can do so anonymously or with your real profile.
You’re always welcome to my blog! 

#YouDeserveToBeHappy #ILoveBlogging

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