As a kid growing up, I always dreamt of watching the dark sky dotted with bright stars every night. I usually climbed to the roof of my parents’ home with my dog and just gaze longingly at the moon and stars. I imagined what life would be like in those other worlds. I was sure people who lived there were always happy with each other. I attempted several still life and imaginative drawings of the sky full with stars. 

I used to draw pictures happy families with their neighbours on their cute little farms. I even drew a version of my older self playing soccer with my friends. These drawings either ended up in my trash can or on the wall in my room. I was simply fascinated with this glorious view and I hoped that when I grew up, I would find a way to touch the sky; just to feel it’s texture. I silently wondered if the sky was made up of silk or cotton  maybe even wool. 

My curiosity increased with time and several years later, I somehow found my self in the University studying Astronomy. It was a dream come true for me. I was captured by the diverse aspects of Astronomy. I graduated with flying colours from the University and I was introduced into a new world of planets. My first journey began on the 1st of July 2010. When I entered into the space ship, I had a feeling of deja vu; like I’ve  actually been here before. It all felt so familiar just being within those enclosed walls. This was my dream and it was becoming a reality.

Moments later, our space ship landed on the Moon. After a few minutes of observing protocol, the door was opened and the floating began! After bouncing around and doing what I was sent up here for, I slowly glided towards a rock and sat down. It was quite an unusual rock; it was full of various shapes of brown coloured stones hanging at the top and on the edges.

Sitting up here all by myself with nothing else to do than stare at our beloved planet Earth. I was suddenly sad and I couldn’t understand why. This was what I’ve always wanted; to touch the moon and stars with my own hands and to stand before the magnificent aura of this universe. I thought this was my dream; my ultimate goal but somehow the joy I had hoped to find here wasn’t here at all. 

The only thing here was a feeling of melancholy, emptiness and sadness. And I yearned for my little apartment back home. I missed my little dog Tracy. I missed watching soccer with my guy friends. I missed visiting my Grand Ma during the weekends and going shopping with my little cousins.  I even missed eating Burger and chips. 

I realized how much I had left back on Earth. Everything I had ever known and loved was back home. All the memories i had were created on planet Earth. The last thought I had when gazing at the Earth was that ” I simply don’t belong here”. I needed to go back home; to a land of love, peace, happiness and laughter.

This post was initially written for FanStory but I never sent it!! 

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