My First Love

My first love

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I remember every single detail about my first love! His smile, his laughter, the color of his eyes and even his fragrance…

I still remember it all after so many years. Yeah, I was deeply in love with him. How did we even meet? I’ll tell you.

I met him at the Arts quadrangle one Saturday afternoon. My room was too noisy and stuffy so I decided to take a walk.

I hurriedly wore a plain white shirt with brown shorts and stepped out of my hostel room.

The sky was clear and beautiful; it seemed the sun suddenly lost it’s zeal to shine. I walked past the Ekpo Convocation hall with no sense of direction.

I just wanted a quiet place where I could be alone and clear my head. My heart felt so heavy but I couldn’t trace the cause of this heaviness.

I wasn’t having any problem with my grades or my family. Everything was splendid as far as I knew.

Then I remembered the Arts Quadrangle in my faculty and I hurried towards it.

I was disappointed to find someone else there; I had thought it would be completely empty since it was Saturday.

Nevertheless, I sat down slowly behind the stranger wearing a red T shirt, blue jeans and red sneakers.

The walk had eased my heart ache a bit and I even felt lighter than I was before I left my room.

The stranger seemed so preoccupied with his phone when I walked in that I didn’t have a chance to see his face.

So, I sat behind this faceless stranger, thinking about my life. Suddenly, I heard “Hi there” and I wondered where it had come from.

Then I looked up and saw the most beautiful brown eyes I had ever seen; they were large and full of curiosity.

I wanted to say ‘hi’ but I had lost my voice all of a sudden. All I could do was stare at this beautiful creature.

Then he said ” My name is Charles, what’s yours?” When I said “I’m Jenny”, my voice sounded like I had borrowed it from an insect.

It was a mere whisper and I silently wondered if he had heard me at all. After two hours of chatting with Charles, I stood up to go and he offered to accompany me to my hostel since it was getting dark.

After saying goodbye to him, I practically ran up the stairs to my room with my heart beating loudly in my ears.

I was filled with joy and I felt so alive! I was sixteen and a boy had finally asked me out on a date! How thrilling!

On our first date, he took me to Jives; a nice joint outside school. That was my first time visiting the popular “Jives”. We talked and laughed a lot.

By 9pm, he dropped me off at my hostel. The other dates were awesome; they were different in a special kind of way.

The first time we kissed, it was like magic; it was indescribable! I think I was floating because I couldn’t feel my legs at one point.

He was skillful with his lips like he had been taking kissing lessons after school. I felt on top of the world; finally, I had experienced the awesome act called “kissing”.

My First Love

The rest, of course is history. We became best friends and then lovers. He made my world go round and round and round.

When he was around, I felt whole and when he was gone, I looked forward to our next meeting.

I couldn’t start my day without hearing his sweet voice and he was the last person I talked to before I went to bed.

When he graduated, life suddenly became unbearable. My days felt empty without his presence. Gradually, his calls became less frequent.

He became so busy that he no longer remembered me. I tried keeping in touch but it seemed one unforeseen force was bent on keeping us apart.

One day, he called to tell me that he couldn’t continue with the relationship anymore. He wanted to face his career and I was a distraction to him.

It was a blow to me! I couldn’t believe he would ever say that to me after all the love we shared.

I thought our love was going to last forever and we were going to spend the rest of our lives together. How naive of me!

I spent the next month soaking my pillow with hot tears. The love of my life was gone. My soul mate had deserted me!

I was all alone in my world. I had no one to share my sorrow with. My world had crashed and life was no longer fun.

6 months later, I picked up the pieces of my shattered heart and moved on. It’s been 5 years and it feels just like yesterday.

The few guys I dated after him, seem so out of place. They never seem to understand me or love me the way I want them to. Maybe I’ve locked my heart out of the fear of getting hurt again.

Or maybe I keep meeting the wrong men. Sometimes, I miss him and I secretly wish I could see him again.

Other times, I wonder what had become of my first love! I wonder if he ever thinks of me at all. I just wonder…


Do you remember your first love? Do you still keep in touch with him or her? 

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