This is about a young man who gave up his life for his people. A man who was selfless and faithful till the end. A man who never stopped believing in his Father. Even though we weren’t worthy of his love, he still showered it all on us. His name is Jesus. This man lived a holy life throughout his stay on Earth and the only thing he got was unbelief and persecution. Sometimes, I wonder why He laid down his life for sinners. 

He sacrificed himself for the same people who continue to persecute him everyday. Why did He do this for us ? He didn’t do it just for the fun of it. No, He shed his blood on the Cross because he loves us very much. His love is unconditional. No matter what happens; his love for us never changes.

His death signifies Love. He endured pain in order that we should have life. He wants us to always remember His love. When you feel discouraged about anything, just remember His genuine love for you. When you’re sick, just look up and see His love shining upon you. When it feels like everything is going the wrong way, just remember that He is alive and in control. When temptation comes your way, remember that He has paid the ultimate price and we are no longer prisoners of sin. 

His resurrection signifies Hope. This means that all our suffering is over and tomorrow will be brighter than today. We must believe that when He paid the ultimate price, we became free from the shackles of the devil. Therefore, the devil no longer has an authority over us or our actions. We are now victors with Christ Jesus.

In return for this unconditional love, He asks that we remain righteous till the end and that we should love one another just as He loves us. How many of us still listen to Him and actually obey Him? When we are faced with challenges, we yield easily into temptation and say God will understand that times are hard. We knowingly refuse to help people in need for one reason or the other. It is well with us.

I pray that as we meditate on his death and resurrection, He will give us the strength to remain faithful and obedient. May He also give us the Grace to be like Him and never give up in times of trouble. Finally, May He gives us the strength to have faith in Him and to endure till He comes again.

Easter has come and gone but Christ lives on. Let us not dwell only on merriment and forget the real purpose of this event. Let us remember all those who are in need and let us spread the love everywhere we go. Don’t forget that Jesus Loves You Dearly.

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