Being a Baby Mama

I’m not here to preach to you today about how wonderful love is or how perfect a marriage can be. Today’s post is dedicated solely to a dear friend who is a baby mama. This is sort of an encouragement letter inspired by my friend.

My friend got pregnant several months before her graduation from the University. The guy who was responsible wanted to marry her but along the line, things got complicated and he just disappeared. 

His disappearance didn’t bother my friend at all and she resolved to keep the baby anyway. News about her pregnancy spread like wildfire around the neighborhood. Neighbours started staring at her growing tummy and gossiping about her and her family.

When it became too much, she stopped going out. She was forced to stay in the house throughout the duration of the pregnancy. Some days were so boring and lonely especially when her family members went out. She spent most of her days eating and sleeping and before she knew it, she was twice her former size. She kept thinking if she had made the right choice. 

Fortunately, for her, her parents and sisters supported her in every step. They were there for her when she needed them the most. The few times she went out, was for antenatal and she usually went in her mom’s car. A lot of people called her names and gossiped about her whenever they felt like it. 

I kept asking myself if it would have been better for her to have terminated the pregnancy. Would everyone be happy if she had aborted her baby? I don’t think so. The truth is that you can never keep everybody happy. No matter what you do, a few persons will disagree.

Even when she put to bed, people were still staring at her and talking. Of course, she had to stay inside the house for a while. She had a baby to breastfeed and some fat to burn .
One day, she came out all dressed up with her cute little baby girl and her two lovely sisters. Some neighbours faked their surprise of seeing her with a baby while others were really happy to see her outside again.

After all she has been through, she still smiles everyday and she doesn’t care what people say about her anymore. All she cares about now is that she is a mother and she has to fulfill her duty of looking after the previous gift God has given to her.

I see her as a brave and courageous person. What she did wasn’t easy at all. Not everyone would put their life on hold to have a baby out of wedlock. It is a tough journey but it is only God who knows the plans he has for each of us.

A lot of girls are ashamed of keeping their babies because of what their friends or family would say. So abortion becomes a normal way out. They don’t know if the babies they are throwing away would be their first and only.

I want to use this medium to encourage young girls who may find themselves in similar situations. God has a plan for everyone and it is not an evil one. You may not see the bigger picture but just believe that everything happens for a reason. One day when you look at your beautiful child, your heart will be filled with joy.

I want to urge parents to be supportive of their children. Yes, we all make mistakes and some of them live inside us. But it is your duty to make sure that we grow stronger and wiser despite our mistakes. I strongly believe that every child is a gift from God and unborn children deserve a chance to live. 

Kudos to a brave friend and all other brave single mothers out there. Be strong!

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