My Dream Honeymoon

My dream honeymoon… It all started when I was 16. I had watched a romantic movie which
was about a guy who met a girl and within a few months, they were in front of
the altar exchanging their vows. Well, you know the drill; I don’t have to
spell it out.

A fascinating thing about the movie was the honeymoon
destination. I actually can’t remember the place the couple spent their
honeymoon but the beautiful landscape has been in my memory since then. 

simply can’t get over it. Over the years, I’ve had fantasies about my own
wedding. Yeah, even though there is no ring on the finger yet, I’ve already
chosen my wedding colour and even my honeymoon destination. Isn’t that
Earlier on, my wedding colour was blue and silver but these days, I’ve fallen in love with turquoise blue and fuchsia pink. Don’t copy it down in
anticipation for my wedding!

You would be taken by surprise when you arrive at
my wedding and see various shades of purple, pink and white strewn all over the
place *smiles*.

After the wedding reception, our wedding car should be waiting
outside to pick us straight to the airport. Of course, I won’t be wearing my
sweeping wedding gown. There is something called a reception dress these days. 

Yeah, I could likely be wearing that to the Airport. My hubby would have to
wear the same suit during the wedding, the reception and the flight to our
honeymoon destination.

Our destination would be… Nah, I won’t tell you before you cram
it. I wouldn’t like to meet someone I know during my honeymoon. 
You know it
should be tranquil and serene. My husband should be my only companion on the
vacation. No time for friends during honeymoon!
Lemme just give you a little hint…

Um, it should be someplace outside Nigeria with a beach. I would love to stay in a beach house so I can be as close to the sea as possible. Any nearby hotel would also do. Just know it’s definitely going to be within Africa. Why? I just love the African culture.

All I want is to be able to take long walks on the beach every morning and evening. I would like to stand on the shores of the beach with my arms  spread wide in opposite directions while the wind is caressing my skin.

Oh! Just imagine standing on a white, sandy beach with warm,blue water lapping at your toes and the sun reaching down into your soul! So soothing!

After my long walks, I would take a cup of coffee or herbal tea on the deck outside with a novel in hand. I would spend my afternoons blogging, sleeping or shopping for souvenirs.
In the evenings, I and my hubby would either go out or stay indoors and watch movies. I don’t think I’ll get bored on my honeymoon; my activities are already planned.

Since I refused to disclose my honeymoon destination, let me show you a few pictures of what I have in mind.

You like huh? What do you think about my honeymoon
destinations? Do you have a special place you would like to go for your

Or maybe you have a few ideas about where you would like to spend
your honeymoon? You know my ears are itching to hear your ideas. Please, leave
your comments below.

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