Two best friends got admission into the same university to study different courses; Franklin wanted to study Banking and Finance while Stanley got in for Business administration. As freshers trying to get their grip on the dynamics of the school environment, they stuck together. They even rented an apartment together.

During their third year in the university, Stanley met a beautiful girl one day at the Library, when he tried striking a conversation with her; she waved him aside and said “Please leave me alone. I’m not in the mood to talk”. He was taken by surprise at her rudeness and after much persuasion without any success; he left the young girl alone.


On the way to his apartment, he remembered he hadn’t even gotten her phone number and so he had no means of contacting her.  His only hope was that, as far as she was a student at the university, he would likely come across her again.
When he got to his apartment, he shared his ordeal with his friend Franklin who in turn told him not to lose hope on finding the girl again. 

After that day, he went to the same spot at the library to see if he would be lucky enough to find his Cinderella; but he never did. He was on the brink of losing hope when a voice told him not to give up.

Several weeks later, Franklin met a young lady in the cafeteria while he was ordering beans and yam. Immediately he spotted her, he wished he had superpowers to make fried rice and chicken appear on his table instead of the miserable beans and yam. Since he had none, he hurriedly gulped down his food. 
Halfway through his meal, the lady had finished ordering some food and was on her way out. He pushed his almost empty plate aside and chased after her. “Hey there, you look so familiar, have we met before?” he asked when he reached her. She turned towards him with a puzzled look on her face “I don’t think so. Sorry”. 

She turned to leave when he said “Wait. Okay, you got me. I don’t think we’ve met before. I’m Franklin. He thrust his hand towards her for a shake, she took it and said: “I’m Elizabeth but my friends call me Lizzy”. “It’s nice to meet you. Can I walk with you?” he asked “Sure” she replied.

Their friendship blossomed after that day; they couldn’t stay without each for too long. Slowly, Franklin deserted his friend to spend more time with Lizzy. Stanley noticed his disappearance and called him one day “Old boy, this one wey you don dey disappear like ghost so? Hope everything dey alright? 

Franklin sensed where the conversation was headed and said “Na wa for you oh! I don turn your shadow?” “No be like that. I just notice say you dey get many places to go these days” Stanley continued. “I just get some kind things wey I dey try sort out” replied Franklin. “Eehn? Okay nah. No wahala, just watch your back!” replied Stanley with a serious expression on his face. 

Franklin didn’t want to introduce him to his babe yet but after some thinking, he decided to tell him, after all, he was his best friend. “Em, the truth is I’ve been hanging out with a new girl I just met. Her name is Lizzy and I can’t seem to get enough of her.” He said smiling widely.  “Really? Wow, that’s nice bro. When do I get to meet this damsel? Stanley asked undoubtedly excited.

Franklin brought his babe to the house to introduce her to his friend, immediately Stanley saw her, he froze. “Franklin, is this a joke or what?” Puzzled, Franklin asked “What is the matter? This is the damsel I had told you I met recently”. Stanley who was furious dashed out of the sitting room leaving Franklin and his babe.  

Still confused, Franklin followed him into the bedroom. “I don’t understand, what’s going on?” “How could you do this to me? I thought we were friends” Stanley replied angrily. Franklin, who was obviously still confused said “I don’t understand! What are you talking about?” “So you mean you don’t know this is the same girl I met a few weeks back? The same girl I’ve been searching the whole campus for?”asked Stanley.

Franklin honestly didn’t know; Stanley hadn’t told him the girl’s name or even her department. He had absolutely no idea she was the same girl his friend was going crazy for until now. How was he supposed to handle this now? He can’t just hand the girl over to his friend; he’s madly in love with her too!

To be continued…

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