The Unrequited Love

This is a
love story that didn’t end happily ever after.

Josh had never felt this way about a girl before. He didn’t understand why he
had constant daydreams about kissing her and caressing her scalp. He had had
this dream so many times that it almost became a reality to him and just him
alone because the girl in question had no idea of how he felt about her.

Her name was Miranda. He could say her name a thousand times without getting
bored. He just loved the way her name rolled around his tongue like warm
chocolate; M-i-r-an-d-a. It felt so good to say her name just before he slept
and immediately he woke up from sleep.

She was tall, dark and slender with eyes so beautiful that he could fall asleep
just looking into them. Her hips had some curve to it that made her look so
damn s*xy from behind. 

She had always been his friend; he didn’t know when he started feeling this way
towards her but he remembered what made her so distant. As his childhood friend
and neighbour, they did almost everything together. 

The only thing they
did separately was bathing and sleeping. He remembered the hide and seek game they played every
day after school; she was always the one to hide while he searched for her in
all the hiding places around his house. 

He knew her perfect hiding spot was
behind the curtains in his parent’s room. Though he would pretend he didn’t
know just to make it more exciting for her. When he caught her behind the
curtains, he would tickle her until she couldn’t laugh anymore and she will run
outside to play with the girls.

When he turned 12, his parents sent him away to boarding
school. They wanted him to develop good manners and “boarding school was
the best for him,” they said.

The day he left for boarding school, Miranda stood by the kitchen window
watching him leave while hot tears rolled down her cheeks. She didn’t say a
word to him because she knew nothing she said could change anything. 

Even if
she wanted to say anything to him, she just couldn’t because the pain in her
chest slowly rose to her throat like a thick lump. The words were too difficult
to say!

She cried incessantly weeks after he was gone. She missed her playmate dearly
and she kept wishing that his parents would change their minds and ask him to
come home. But they never did!

passed by so quickly and soon she turned 16. Mama often said she was a big girl
now and ought to be careful with whom she talked to and played with. “Boys
were dangerous” she often recited to Miranda.

Miranda listened only to the part where mama said she was a big girl and left
out the “boys were dangerous” part. How dangerous could they be? The
ones she talked to never carried weapons so what did Mama mean by that anyway
she asked herself whenever she was alone.

As far as she was concerned, the boys in her neighborhood were kind and
friendly. They enjoyed her company and she enjoyed the admiration in their eyes
whenever they looked at her. 

One evening, while she was sitting on the verandah of her
father’s house with her mother, a young man approached them and introduced
himself as Josh! Josh?? It couldn’t be!

This person wasn’t her Josh; her Josh
was a cute and innocent boy.  But this person claiming to be Josh was all
grown up. Her little Josh had grown into a man she didn’t even know! 

He stood
there for a while without saying a word! He didn’t know where to start and she
had nothing to say to him. To her, he was just another stranger now. To him,
she hadn’t really changed much facially; she still had those big brown
beautiful eyes. 

The only difference was that she had grown some ripe oranges on
her chest. But her skin colour was exactly the same as he saw it last 6 years

He noticed her cold stare days later; she was no longer the
playmate he had left behind. She treated him like a total stranger and it hurt
him so bad.

She started haunting him in his dreams. Each time he dreamt of kissing her,
something prevented it from happening. His friends noticed how disturbed he was
and they advised him to tell her how he felt.

Whenever he approached her to talk about his feelings for her, she usually
claimed busy. She had a queue of excuses lined up but it didn’t discourage him.
Finally, he got an opportunity to tell her how he truly felt about her. 

Immediately he said those three magic words “I love you”, she just
stared at him blankly like he just rapped in Chinese. Then she said, “I
don’t understand what you’re saying but I just want my friend back”.

Why was it so difficult for her to understand that he has always loved
her and he just summoned the courage to tell her that? When he said “I
want you to be my girlfriend”, she just shook her head and left him
standing there all by himself.

that evening, while he was getting ready for bed, it dawned on him that she
didn’t love him. To her, he was just another boy living on her street. His love
for her will never be reciprocated because she didn’t feel that way towards

He was never going to hold her in his arms or feel the warmth of her lips.
Never! He was heartbroken because of the indifference he saw in her eyes when
she managed to look at him.

It told him everything he needed to know. She was
never going to be his!!

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  1. I am implying that we Scorpios are not such pussies as to cry about things that are pointless.

  2. Okay, I get your drill… Scorpios are mostly more resilient and strong willed than other zodiac signs..

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