I Wish I Had A Gay Best Friend

I am that type of girl who is open minded and free with everyone. I try not to take life too seriously and I’m not so obsessed with money. 

I just love being happy in everything I do and it doesn’t really matter if people approve of it or not.

I believe someone will always have an opposing thought or view about the way I should live my life; I guess we all have our individual lives to live. 

Do you want to hear a secret? I know you do!

Some days, I secretly wish I had a gay best friend! I’m serious! Hope you aren’t surprised? 

Well, don’t be! I earlier told you that I’m a free spirited human being and so the things I do shouldn’t surprise you. 

I’m sure you’re asking why I would even harbour such weird thoughts of having a gay bestie. 

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Um, the simplest answer is “I want a friend who is not a girl and who is not my boyfriend or aspires to be my boyfriend.”

Sometimes, I search for someone neutral to talk to; someone who won’t be envious of me or biased in judgement. 

I seek the company of someone who won’t pester me for s*x; someone who would be okay with being just friends. 

During my long search for that s*xless guy, I discovered that the term “just friends” never works with a guy unless he is gay or he has a serious girlfriend he is committed to. 

Even when rules are laid out at the onset of the friendship, halfway through the guy starts harbouring fantasies of taking you to bed when you’re seeing him as “a non-s*xual being”.

For you, all you really need from him is quality time and interesting discussions on various topics but unknown to you, he has already pictured you beneath him a long time ago. 

This is the usual routine for straight guys; of course, it is not their fault, they were wired that way. 

No matter how friendly or responsible they seem at first, they are already hoping or planning to take you to bed. 

Are you still asking why I need a gay friend? I have a lot of reasons but I will name only a bunch:

1). I need someone neutral to talk to: 

It’s not like I’m friendless or lonely. It’s just that most guy friends I have, always want more than what I’m willing to offer them. 

So, I just need someone who likes being with me, who likes talking to me and who doesn’t secretly hope to take me to bed. 

In the absence of a boyfriend, I need a man I can cuddle on lonely nights when I’m having a bad day without worrying about s*x.

2). I need someone who isn’t biased or judgemental: 

I need an honest and unbiased friend; someone who isn’t scared to tell me how things really are because he isn’t trying to get into my good book.

I need someone who is just himself; someone who will not try to impress me at every turn. 

3). I need someone who isn’t envious of me or my boyfriend:

Most straight guys who happen to be my friends tend to be envious of my boyfriend. They wish they were him and to me, that is so wrong. 

We all have different roles to play in other people’s lives. I need someone who is in my life and isn’t envious of me or my love life.

4). I need someone who isn’t constantly in a competition with me:

Most girls I meet tend to have this overwhelming competitive energy that keeps me exhausted. I don’t like dragging anything with anyone. 

I just believe that what’s mine would surely get to me. I need someone who is contented with what he has.

5). I need someone who isn’t interested in sleeping with me:

I love talking to guys a lot but one of the recurring challenges I face is their constant request for s*x. 

My response to them would always be “Must you sleep with every friend you keep?” Of course, they just look at me like “Where did this one fall from?” 

6). I need someone whom my boyfriend isn’t jealous of:

There are occasions where I have really good friends who I talk to but my bf doesn’t feel comfortable with the arrangement simply because the guys are straight. 

I guess he just feels insecure about them and he is a guy so he just knows. I’m sure if they were all gay, he would feel more secure.

A gay friend is what I really need right now; someone who wouldn’t entertain thoughts of ravishing me or sleeping with me. 

I’m looking for someone to talk to, go shopping, visit the hair salon, plan events and do fun things with without being worried about hurting him emotionally. 

If you’re gay and you want to be my friend, apply via my email momentswithjenny@gmail.com or just drop a comment below. I look forward to hearing from you! *kisses*


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