A father is one of the most important people in a family. In every African family, the father is usually seen as the head, breadwinner, leader, director, mentor, protector, and disciplinarian. He is in charge of his family; he provides for them and also protects them. 

Everyone especially his children looks up to him for guidance and survival. A father is a son’s first hero and a daughter’s first love.

Unfortunately, this is not the case for every family. There are families where the father is 
incapable of carrying out his duties. 

The whole burden is therefore left on the shoulders of the mother. She is the one who has to provide for her kids and protect them all by herself. 

There are fathers who provide everything their family requires but they often neglect other important duties like spending time with their kids because they are too busy chasing after multi-billion contracts.

Today is father’s day and we are celebrating fatherhood. So, while you’re busy draining down bottles of beer, take out some time to ask yourself this vital question; What type of father am I? 

Of course, there are different types of fathers who exist in various homes. Read below to ascertain which group or groups you fall under.

1. The Strict Father:

This type of father is usually very harsh towards his kids. He lays down rules for everybody in the house and no matter the situation, he refuses to bend them. 

Even when his children are grown up, he still sees them as kids and treats them like kids. He never plays with them even when he is at home during vacation. 

In this type of home, the atmosphere is constantly tense; the kids don’t respect their father, they only fear him.

2. The Caring/Loving Father:

This is the type of father who behaves like a mother. He goes out of his way to care for his children like a woman. He nurtures them and knows their every need. 

He creates time to get involved with everything his kids do; from academics down to extracurricular activities. 

This type of father won’t mind changing diapers because of the love he has for his kids. He does his best to make sure they are comfortable and well taken care of.

3. The Wayward Father:

This type of father openly cheats on his wife and he doesn’t care whether his kids are watching or not. He brings in different sizes and colours of women every weekend and flaunts them around. 

This type of father often neglects his children; all he cares about is spending money on women and having fun. The training of the children is solely left to the mother.

4. The Wise Father:

This type of father always prays for his children. Even when they are not around, he senses if they are safe or not. He knows when to discipline them and when to advise them. 

He is like a psychic; always discerning and cautioning. He learns early to allow them to chase their dreams and he only plays his part; advising and praying.

5. The Overprotective Father:

Fathers are often protective of their children, especially daughters. But this type of father is over protective. He doesn’t allow his kids go anywhere nor do anything outside the home. 

The only place he allows them to go is the church; they don’t even attend birthday parties or other social functions like their mates. 

The kids are often under house arrest because he is scared of the world hurting them. He forgets humans don’t grow wise without making their own mistakes.

6. The Nagging Father:

Mothers are often the ones who are known for nagging but some fathers nag too. This type of father takes everything too seriously; even a broken glass becomes a big issue. 

He would stand in the middle of the compound yelling and nagging over every little thing. He never turns a blind eye to anything and he doesn’t hand over some cases to the mother. He is the sole disciplinarian in the house.

7. The Nonchalant Father:

This type of father doesn’t care about what happens in his home. All he does is go out very early in the morning and come back very late night to eat and sleep. 

He hands over every domestic affair to his wife. He doesn’t even care about the whereabouts of his kids as far he knows they are alive, he doesn’t bother to call them to order. He lets them behave anyhow they want from a very tender age.

8. The Drunk Father:

This type of father is almost like the wayward father. The only difference is that he spends all his money on booze. He comes home every evening drunk and reeking of alcohol. 

He doesn’t provide for his family; the only thing he does is get his wife pregnant. He leaves the welfare and disciplining of his kids to his wife. He is almost invisible in his home.

9. The Difficult to please Father:

This type of father is a hard nut to crack. No matter what you do, he is never pleased. Even when you give your best shot at something just to please him, he doesn’t even notice it. 

He never encourages his kids even when they perform well at school. He would only say “Is it not your mates that are carrying first in class?”

10. The Lazy Father:

This type of father is always unemployed. He doesn’t have the energy to do anything. He leaves everything to his wife; even the feeding of the family. He spends his time sleeping or hanging out with friends. The wife provides for him and his kids.                                

11. The Responsible Father:

This type of father is almost perfect. He knows his duty and he carries it out joyfully. He tries his best to provide for his family and also creates time for them. He disciplines his kids but also showers them with love. 

Although he has his own flaws, he never allows the kids see them. In their eyes, he is the best Daddy in the world.

12. The Workaholic Father:

This type of father works all year round. He never spends time with his family because he is too busy making money. He feels that time is too precious and shouldn’t be wasted on irrelevant things except making money. 

He works hard round the clock  to provide financially for his family. Even during vacations, he is busy on his tablet or computer, working. 

So, his kids grow up never really knowing him; they all bond with their mother but never with their father.

Being a father doesn’t simply mean you provided the seed to impregnate your wife; it encompasses a lot more than that. It means providing for your children and still making out time to be with them and get close to them. 

It also involves being around and disciplining them when necessary, holding them close but also knowing when to let go. Fatherhood is a wonderful experience for those who are fortunate enough to be entrusted with such a duty.

Be a better father today so that your kids can become the best children tomorrow. 
As you celebrate Father’s day, take some time out to ponder on the type of Father you have been. 
I hope you’ve given your best shot at fatherhood? Are your kids proud of you? 

Happy Father’s Day to all responsible and loving Fathers in the world! I love you Daddy and I’m very proud of you!!

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