I wrote two posts about men recently and a male friend of mine was hurt. He said I was being anti-men but all I was doing was advising my fellow ladies who may have forgotten how special they are. 

So, I guess I’ll be writing about women today not just because he said so but because I feel like it.

Today’s mothers can be described as “New Generation Mothers”. New generation mothers don’t really know what it takes to be a mother and a wife. They are too busy wearing designer shoes and carrying branded handbags. 

They are too occupied with their jobs to even notice what’s wrong with their child. They are so busy chasing money that they abandon their children to nannies and house helps.

They exist everywhere these days; they are neighbours, they are parents in my school, they are everywhere. It’s not the movies; they are real.

A new generation mother would prefer to eat out or allow the house help cook than for her to sweat in the kitchen and prepare her family an awesome dinner.  She would prefer to have her nails painted to helping out with her child’s homework. 

The only thing she enjoys doing is showing off her latest gadgets and trying to outshine an enemy. The ones, who don’t have cars or designer wears to show off, indulge in gossip. 

They would rather sit somewhere and gossip about other people than taking care of their home. They never get tired of gossiping all day; nothing new passes them by.

New generation mothers are those women who go to their villages and bring back little girls and boys as house helps. They promise their parents to take care of them but when they get to the city, they become “the wicked stepmother.” 

They would abandon every house chore to the little child who is still a baby. This baby house help would have to look after kids when she herself is still a child who needs nurturing. 

So, she spends her day working around the clock without rest and when she makes a mistake, she is beaten to a pulp. Yes, I know many new generation mothers and see what they do.

Let me tell you a short story…

A month ago, a mother dropped off her child at school in the morning and she forgot to pick him up till 8 pm. I’m not kidding here. 

All the teachers and assistant teachers on duty waited and waited until it was very late before they handed over that child to the security man. 

You should have seen that boy; he was tired, hungry, sad and sleepy at the same time. I couldn’t even bear to look into his eyes because I knew I would see how hurt he was. 

Everyone was busy trying to defend her actions. They were saying “Maybe she was busy or she just forgot.” I told them to stop bringing up excuses for her. We all know the truth; to forget a child you’ve not seen since morning?

It simply means whatever she was doing was more important to her than that little boy. I wasn’t there when she came to pick up her child but the next day everyone talked about it. 

Some people said she was a banker while others said she was very busy doing something. I just shook my head without saying a word.

If you’re a mother and you’re reading this, I need you to ask yourself these questions:

1. What comes first in your life after God? Is it family or money?

2. Does your house help do all the house chores in your own home?

3. Do you try to spend some quality time with your husband and kids?

4. Do you assist your kids with their homework?

5. Do you attend to your husband’s basic needs?

6. Are you always too tired to go to church but not work?

7. Do you try to outshine other women with material things?

8. Do you disrespect your husband all the time?

9. Why did you even get married?

10. Why did you get pregnant in the first place?

I don’t know what your answers are but I hope you answered them truthfully.

Being a mother and a wife is not an easy task; it takes a strong woman to keep both her husband and her kids happy. 

Being a successful mother has nothing to do with the amount of money you’re earning or the VIP treatment you receive at occasions. 

It is a lot more than all of that and the minute you say “I do” get ready for some work. If someone else does all the work in your home for you, what do you do all day? What are you doing to make sure you have a family and not just a successful career?

As a mother, you’re supposed to be able to sacrifice your time for your kids because when they are happy, you’re also happy.  Create time for them; don’t leave them all to a house help or nanny. 

Get involved in their growth and development. All they really need to grow into wonderful people are mothers who love them deeply. 

Don’t ever forget your role in their life; you’re irreplaceable. They won’t love any other woman more than you; it just depends on how you treat them. 

Be there to love and discipline them; when they become happy and successful people, you will beat your chest and say “I helped them get where they are today.”

No one will take care of them more than you because you underwent a painful process bringing them into this world. 

Let me give you a hint… 

Whenever you feel like giving up or throwing it all, just go down memory lane and picture that little moment when after all that pain and screaming, you held your little one and gazed into his eyes with a contented smile. It will all come back to you. 



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