Something life changing happened to me some time ago and I want to share it with my dear readers. You may find it very trivial and irrelevant but it meant a lot to me. 

Two weeks ago, I attended a party review that took place in my school. The review featured some kids who were participating in different activities for the school’s end of session party. 

These activities included: debate, cultural dance, singing, choreography, poem recitation and much more. 

I was excited about the way the kids presented themselves but what really captivated my soul was that little moment when a group of  6-year-olds choreographed to a song titled “You are Great” by Steve Crown. 

The teacher who taught them the dance was behind the hall, demonstrating alongside with them so they won’t miss a step and they didn’t. The organisation and determination the kids showcased were breathtaking.

While they were still dancing, I was smiling widely and I felt tears run down my cheeks; Oh God! It was heavenly! You know this kind of joy that comes right out of your soul uninvited? Yes, that was exactly what happened. 

I tried so hard to push the tears back but they kept pouring out like a waterfall. Thank God I had my face towel with me; I was just busy blinking fast and wiping my eyes stylishly so that the other students won’t notice. It was an awesome moment for me!

My colleagues were trying to console me; they thought I was reminded of something awful from my past but I told them they were merely tears of joy! I was so grateful to be amidst these beautiful and talented little creatures. 

It was a moment that I knew I might not be opportune to witness again. I might attend another party review but I won’t see those kids doing that exact dance with that same music! Never!

When I left there that day, I made a resolution within myself to always cherish little moments that make life meaningful and worth living.

You may feel I was just being too emotional or awed but I tell you that even when I will live in a mansion and drive the most expensive cars and attend the most sophisticated events, I will miss little irreplaceable moments such as this one. 

It is today’s little moments that become tomorrow’s precious memories.

Last week, I witnessed another little moment; I met Joy Chukwuma from MTN project fame season 8. Do you remember her? Maybe you don’t; She made it to the Top Ten and she is an incredible singer.

I’m not joking; I heard her sing live and goosebumps literally appeared all over my skin. It was amazing meeting her; she is totally fun to be with. We were given a task to do together and I was thrilled although I didn’t show it. 

Maybe she isn’t a superstar now but there’s a possibility of her becoming famous tomorrow. It was my little moment because I knew I may not experience such again!

When she becomes famous and I see her on TV, I’ll smile to myself and say I remember when Joy was a corper serving in my school and we worked on a project together*smiles*

Sometimes, I would just sit down alone and reminisce about all the good times spent with my friends and family. I always remember going home from school after a long time and my little siblings would run and jump into my arms. 

My little sister would bury her face in my neck, giggling and breathing deeply *laughs* Yeah, those are the little moments that will always remain a part of me!

I remember those moments when my dad would come back from work and say “Jenny, get dressed. We are going out.” Then he would take me out to a nice sit out and we would enjoy a plate of Isi-ewu and cold drinks either silently or while gisting. 

When any of his friends see us they would say “Oga, na your new babe be this?” He would laugh and say “Yes nah, you no know this my babe?” I truly miss those warm moments! 

I also miss those nights when my younger sister would return from school, we would stay up all night talking and laughing about a lot of things until dawn. I have a lot of those little moments that really matter and I’m grateful for them!

What about you? What are your own little moments that really matter to you? 

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