14 Things Every Girl Will Encounter Before She Turns 30

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Life is a journey where we meet different things and people every day. These people and things may influence our character, beliefs, perspective about life and even our lifestyle. 

Our skills and experiences are also gathered during this compulsory journey. As a girl, there are certain things we must encounter before we attain the age of 30.

1). A Marriage Proposal:

Every girl who has turned 18 would likely receive a marriage proposal from someone. This someone could be a total stranger who feels a certain connection with you and has this strong belief that the both of you were meant to be. 

Of course, you, on the other hand, wouldn’t even nurture thoughts of getting married soon. From the age of 16 upwards, series of similar proposals would come your way whether you expect them or not. 

I got my first marriage proposal when I was 17 and it was scary!! I kept thinking of having kids at that age, abruptly ending my education and being away from my family. Seriously, it was terrifying.

2). An Older Man: 
I seriously don’t even understand this one but it happens to a lot of ladies. Do you remember that time one married elderly man approached you with a lot of promises in his mouth? 

Yes, I know you do! How could you forget? 

He kept proclaiming his undying love for you and telling you how he is going to take care of you and your entire family if only you would accept him as your lover. 

He even went as far as telling you how he is the right choice for you simply because he has some large amount of money stashed away somewhere. 

Well, you are not the only who has ever received such attention from an older man. They are practically everywhere!

3). A First Love:

Every girl has that one special boy who changed her life. That boy who sang love songs to you during extra cool until you fell asleep. 

That romantic who told you he could fetch the moon and stars for you. That cute boy who wrote love letters that began with “Ditto” and ended with “From the basket of love”. 

That boy whom we jumped the fence for just to sit in a dark corner and gist about irrelevant things *smiles* 

How can I possibly forget my first love? I know we all had that first special person in our lives that we cherished once upon a time.

4). A Flock of Admirers:

I remember when I started having my share of admirers. I felt on top of the world; everywhere, I passed large men eyes seemed to stare at me until saliva literally dripped from their gaping lips**eww** 

Aside from the saliva episode, it was such an awesome time. I’m sure we’ve all had our time to shine and our share of admirers. 

These days, you could still have all that attention from guys but it won’t seem as exciting as the first time.

5). A Rapist:
Not every lady likes to admit that she has either being raped or almost raped. We all want to hide that aspect of our lives because we feel people would blame us for what happened. 

Whether we admit it or not, some ladies have had traumatising experiences with rapists and others are still encountering them. 

We hide these experiences for fear that society will see us as wayward ladies but sharing your experiences with someone would help you heal faster and probably save someone in the future. 

Rape is quite a sensitive topic even for me but I hope we all get some relief from that mental and physical torture we might have been through.

6). A Sex Educator:

This may not apply to all ladies because some of you may turn out be sex educators yourselves **tongue in cheek**. But for some other ladies, they may come across men who would seem more experienced in the bedroom. 
This type of men are the ones who show you what being a woman feels like. They take their time to educate you sexually and otherwise.

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7). The Wrong Man:

There is always this one man that you feel is the right choice for you. Because of loneliness, a lady could jump into any relationship that comes her way without even considering other important factors. 

She may even notice the warning signs everywhere but she deliberately refuses to end the relationship because she doesn’t want to end up alone. 

One day, the relationship would come crashing down and all the flaws and incompatibility issues she tried to suppress would glare at her right in the face.

8). A True Love:
This person may not necessarily be your first love. Your first love may not end up being your true love. 

There is a chance that you will part ways and then you will meet someone who will show you what the true definition of love is. 

This person will slowly clear all your fears and doubts about love. He will break off all the barriers around your heart and make you see love in a new dimension. 

He will adore you like no other and you will keep asking yourself “Am I dreaming?” 

Your true love is that person who sees the strength in your weaknesses and makes you step out of your shell into the world. He shows you the beauty of the world that you have never seen before.

9). An Unrequited Love:
No girl can deny the fact that there is always that man who professes his undying love for her even when she has no iota of feelings for him. 

She never seems to bring herself to love him back the way he wants. Even though she tries to love him, she would always see him as just a friend and nothing more.

He is always there in your time of need, he is often the shoulder you cry on and the hand that wipes away your tears but you never reciprocate the love.

10). A Crazy Friend:
Every girl has that one friend who is quite different from the rest. That friend who is ever so hyperactive and energetic that you wonder the level of carbohydrate she consumes. 

That friend who knows you inside out even when you don’t utter a word. That crazy friend who introduces you to beer, boys, cigarettes, clubbing and men.

I know you have met a friend like that; I have met one too and she lights up my world with her burning aura **laughs**.

11) A Best Friend:
I don’t think I need to explain anything here because everyone has a best friend. For some people, a sibling and not a total stranger could become their best friend. 

A best friend is that one special person we confide in and share our deepest secrets with; that person who would always support us in any decision we make. 

A best friend is that person who tells you exactly how things are without sugarcoating anything. That person who knows all your flaws and accepts you just the way you are. Even though you throw other friends away, your best friend will stick to you like glue.

12). A Man who wants a child:
This sounds rather funny and condescending at the same time but it happens. You could meet a man who only wants you to bear a child for him; he doesn’t need you or your love. 

All he wants is a child from you; the compensation you will get will be negotiable of course. Don’t be deceived into thinking he wants to marry you. He has probably made such a request to other ladies.

13). A Married Man:

I know a lot of girls come in contact with many married men who want an affair with them. I’m sure you remember that time a young married man kept chasing you all over the place and you kept wondering what was wrong with him. 

He even showered you with so many gifts just to get your attention. Well, you’re not the first or the last to receive such flirtations and gifts from married men. 

If you ask me why they deliberately want to cheat on their young wives, I can boldly tell you that “I have no idea but I definitely know that they exist anyway.”

14). The Right man:
Not everyone gets the chance to meet Mr Right but for those who do, it would be a memorable experience for you. When you meet him, you would know because you will have a new kind of peace and inner contentment when you’re around him. He may be imperfect in other people’s eyes but in yours, he will be the perfect partner for you.
We all have different experiences but sometimes our experiences are intertwined. All ladies under 30 may have encountered at least 7 things from this list.  

As a lady, have you encountered any of these things?

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