Last week, I wrote a post which was targeted to employed people who may have recently lost their jobs due to the redundancy going on in major companies all over the nation.

Today’s post is dedicated to all the unemployed youths out there. Youths who have spent so much time, energy and money to obtain honourable degrees and yet are jobless.

In this huge economic meltdown where money is hard to come by, people are been laid off, prices of goods and services are steadily increasing and crime is the order of the day, what do we do? How do the youths survive in this present economy with no good jobs?

I’m a youth and I was unemployed for some years until recently when I decided to take charge of my life. I’m going to list out a few tips that helped me survive till today. 
Are you an unemployed youth who is looking for a way forward in life? Do you need a source of livelihood? Are you constantly depressed or frustrated? Read these tips below on how to survive in this harsh economy:
1.Find your passion:

Many people study courses that they aren’t passionate about because of parental advice or peer pressure. When they graduate from the university, they can’t find where to work because they are unemployable.

Create time to meditate and connect with your inner man; find what you’re passionate about. Find out what motivates you and makes you happy.

2. Develop your skills:

Sometimes we are unemployed because we lack relevant skills that multinational companies need. Because of the scarcity of qualified youths, these companies resort to employing white men who handle the tasks. 
Everyone has a Bachelor’s Degree or a Master’s degree these days but the world has become more technological than ever. 

New skills like IT Support, Customer Service, Project Management, Web design, Social media marketing, Conflict management and Programming are needed but only a few people have these. 

When you find your career path, look for courses you can take that will equip you with necessary skills. If you don’t have enough funds to pay for courses, search for free courses online that offer certifications and enrol for them.
3. Volunteer:

While you’re still job hunting and developing your skills, find a reputable institution to volunteer for. A volunteering experience would be an added advantage to your CV and professional growth. 

No matter how small the firm or company is, volunteer for them; you could learn a thing or two that would help in your job search.

4. Network, Network and Network:

Being unemployed doesn’t mean being unsocial or unfriendly. Yes, you may not have enough money to mingle with influential people but you have to look for opportunities to connect with people. 

Increase your inner circles by attending various events that you can afford. Meet with people and connect with professionals who can guide and assist you in your career.

5. Be patient but don’t be dormant:

Even with your degree, skills and experience, it won’t be easy finding your dream job. You have to be patient but don’t be dormant. Keep searching and networking till you find something worthwhile to do. 

Being patient doesn’t mean you have to be inactive. Don’t fold your hands and sit at home waiting for that “white collar job” your father’s friend promised you. 

Keep planting as many seeds as you can; eventually one of them would grow into a big fruitful tree.

6. Remain determined and focused:

I know it could be energy draining and frustrating to keep searching for a decent job without success. Friends and family members won’t make the situation easier either with all the pressure and advice they keep throwing at you.

In all this chaos, remain determined and focused so you don’t become confused and lose focus. Learn to filter all the advice you get so you don’t fall into deep pits.

7. Learn to budget and save:

Without a source of income, the little money you have at hand will get drained really fast. Create a budget list and work with it; buy only necessary things and get rid of irrelevant expenditure. 

No matter how little you have, find a way to save something for a rainy day. Cut as much costs as possible and spend only on relevant needs. 

8. Make use of your talents:
Everyone has unique talents hidden inside of them; you only have to go within and discover them. Singing and entertaining aren’t the only talents that someone can monetize. 

Can you teach, bake, cook, sew, decorate or make beads? Then what are you waiting for to start exploring your talents? Is it Capital?

 I won’t advise you to get a huge loan from the bank to start a business but that won’t be a bad idea either.

 If you don’t have collateral to get a loan, try borrowing from a few friends and family members. 

Some people get financial assistance when they have first put up something worthwhile and someone sees the potential in them.

9.Start up a lucrative business:

If you can get a loan or adequate funds to set up a business; don’t hesitate to do so. It mustn’t be a large scale business: start with the little capital you have and gradually, more funds will come in. 

Big things they say, start small. Be resilient, passionate and committed. After a while, your hard work will pay off. Don’t wait to be pushed by anyone; be self-motivated.

10. Don’t forget your God:

In our struggle to make ends meet, we often forget to invite God into our lives to guide us. All we believe is that our connections will get us there and so we deliberately forget to bring God into our affairs. 

Remember God in everything you do: He is the Pillar that holds our life. Without Him, we are nothing but empty vessels!

To all unemployed youths out there, keep dreaming and brainstorming; something good will come out of it one day.

Don’t give up on your dreams no matter how small it seems. I hope you will find these tips helpful in these unpredictable times.

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