10 Easy Ways To Learn French

Last week, I got some requests from people who wanted to learn French. They wanted to know if I could somehow introduce a French section to my blog. 

My answer was “NO” because this blog is dedicated to matters of the heart and weddings. If I want to become a French tutor, I’ll simply open a language or tutoring blog. 

So for now, dear readers, pardon me for being a little rigid.

As a way of compensating you, I’m going to list out various ways you can easily learn French wherever you are.

1). Develop a passion for it:
Passion means knowing what makes you happy and committing to it. You need to first develop a passion for languages before you can dive into it.

You need to ask yourself why you want to learn this language and what you hope to achieve from learning it. Do you want to learn French because you like the way your friend pronounces her “R” with a French accent? 

Or you plan on relocating to France soon? Or do you just love the romantic language? You need to have a reason that can motivate you to keep learning the language once you start.

2). Enroll for a French language course:
The second easy way to learn French is to enrol for a Language Course in a language institute close to you. When you enrol at a language school, you get access to learning materials, interactive sessions and new friends who are also learning the language.

The language centres I know in Nigeria are; Alliance Française, The Nigerian French Language Village in  Badagry, Institut Français and CELF Shalom centre. 

Visit them and find packages that suit your needs and schedule. If you don’t have the time or energy to actually enrol in a language school, try online French tutoring websites. You could even find free online tutoring sites if you search well.

Learn any language online! Check out Preply to learn any language online and fast!!!

3). Get a home tutor:
If you know you can’t learn fast on your own, get a home tutor who will follow up your efforts. Plan your lessons according to your needs and availability. 

Your assignments can also be sent over to your home tutor who will grade your progress and know how to plan subsequent lessons.

4). Be determined:
When you’ve decided you have a passion for French and you’ve made a bold step to actually enrol for a language course, the other important thing is being determined. 

The road is not going to be all roses and perfume; it’s going to be very challenging and you have to be ready. 

When it gets tough, it’s only your passion and determination that can pull you through. Remain focused and you will succeed.

5). Practice, practice and practice:
While you’re attending your lessons and even when you’re done, endeavour to take advantage of opportunities that will allow you practice the language. 

Speak the language everywhere you go; make it a habit of communicating with the language when an opportunity arises. 

Some people feel reluctant to speak a new language because they are scared of making mistakes. The truth is “you will make mistakes as you speak”. Mistakes are the fastest way to become perfect.

6). Immerse yourself in the language:
This one could be tricky when you don’t have adequate funds to relocate to a francophone country. But, if you have enough money, you can try relocating to a French-speaking country for a while. Give yourself at least 6 months to get accustomed to the language. 

While you’re there, don’t forget to make friends; be social and interact with many people every day. 

Develop a habit of going to places like the market and church where you will meet many people; it helps fasten up the learning process.

If you can’t travel to another country to learn French, there is another way; online immersion. This involves registering for an immersion program on a website. 

In the program, you are given access to a large dose of the French language. Here, you learn by listening to audio tapes, watching videos and even news clips in French. 

I would recommend Preply for an online immersion.

7). Make New Friends:
Wherever you are, try to make friends who can assist you learn the language faster. You can meet such friends in your language school or on your online language forums. Find penpals you can communicate with in French.

Connect with as many people as you can handle, interact with them in French, don’t be shy to make mistakes and be open to corrections.

8). Download a language app:
For all gadget lovers, your data shouldn’t be exhausted only on social media. Invest some of it into downloading useful and productive apps. 

Simply search for Learn French or Duolingo in your store, download and start learning. It’s very easy; it saves your energy, time and money. 

Don’t just download it and abandon it for months; form a habit of using it at least once a day. 

Minimise the time you use in playing other games like Candy crush, Racing fever, Word chaos or 4 pics one word and use it to develop your French skills.

9.) Get a good French dictionary:
A dictionary is something that is going to be indispensable when you’re learning French. It will come in handy when you need to look up the meaning of a word. 

Endeavour to get a good dictionary like Oxford-Hachette, Collins, Larousse and Le Robert from any bookstore nearby. 
If you hate carrying big dictionaries around, get a pocket dictionary or download an offline French/English dictionary.

10.) Buy Novels/Storybooks:
Reading books written in French is another easy way to learn the language. 

When you read novels or story books written in French, you will come across some new and difficult words; write them down and look for their meanings in a dictionary. 

If you do this daily or weekly, you will be surprised at how rich your vocabulary will become. 

And of course, when your vocabulary is rich, you won’t need to stutter while speaking the language.

These methods helped me when I was struggling to learn French. The first two months were hell; in fact, I almost gave up. 

I told myself I wasn’t cut out for it but here I am today, speaking, teaching and still learning French.

As you learn a new language like French, you’re going to come across some challenges but don’t give up; it’s totally worth it. 

If you encounter any difficulties in the course of learning French, don’t hesitate to reach out to me or someone who can help. 

I look forward to when you and I will start communicating in French.

Bonne Chance!!!

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