6 Reasons Why Men Treat Women Like Filth

Man walking out on a woman
Men. Men. Men. This has become a recurrent topic on my blog. Well, what more could I write about? 

Every person tends to have men or women related issues these days. Also, most of my readers are women who have lots of questions concerning men and relationship in general.

From observation and experience, I’ve noticed a trend in our ladies of today. They want to be addressed as ladies but they don’t play the part of ladyship. 

Relationships are mainly a source of livelihood and not companionship for some ladies. They endure a lot of abuse from men simply because they cannot be independent; without the financial support from a man, they are absolutely helpless.

Why do men treat some women like filth? Is it a man’s thing? Or are women becoming too lazy to even set standards for themselves?

You’ll find out the real reasons to these questions as you continue to read this post. Men treat some women like dirt for the following reasons:

1.) Family background:

Men who grew up in abusive and unstable homes sometimes become cold, distant and abusive. The lack of love and care in the family breeds indifference and even hatred in the hearts of these men. 

They don’t know what love is because they never got any attention or affection from their family. So, when they grow up, they treat women the only way they know how to. To them, love is something strange and over exaggerated.

2.) Numerous heartbreaks:

Some men who tend to be abusive, distant or unemotionally available were once in love. Sounds contradictory right? 

Well, some people tend to fall in love easily and if they are not careful, they could fall for the wrong person who would crush their hearts into tiny pieces.

One heartbreak is not enough to change someone’s attitude but 3 or 4 heartbreaks could. Due to numerous heartbreaks, some men tighten up and never easily allow anyone inside their hearts again. 

The only way they remain happy and sane is by treating every woman they meet as if she’s unimportant.

3.) Fear of commitment:

Men generally are scared of commitment for different reasons. They love to have fun with as many women as they across before they finally settle down. 

They avoid love and commitment so that they won’t get too attached to any Lady. They just want to be free humans enjoying their lives with any woman they find.

These type of men rarely maintain long and serious relationships: they cope well with one-night stands, casual flings and friends with benefits arrangement. 

Any woman seeking love and commitment who meets this type of man is seriously in the wrong place; he would treat her the way he wants without considering her feelings.

A real man treats a lady like a Queen

4.) Absence of Love:

Some men actually want to love and be loved but somehow, they can’t bring themselves to attain any depth of love for the women they sleep with. 

Their inability to achieve this depth of love could be due to the fact that they haven’t found what they are looking for in these women. 

Sometimes, after sleeping with a woman, they find out they still feel empty and unfulfilled. Their next goal would be to move on to the next available bedmate. A man treats a woman he genuinely loves with respect; he values and cherishes her.

5.) Lack of a woman’s self-worth:

Our ladies of today have no idea of what self-value or worth means. Everywhere you turn girls are clinging to men like leeches in order to be financially secure. 

They have no standards or value system. Once a man approaches them and takes them to a shopping mall, their backs will be on the floor with legs spread wide. 

They are easily bought with sweet words and material things; everything about them is fake and superficial because they don’t even like their natural selves. 

They become playthings and puppets to any rich man who shows them money. They are treated like filth because they are seen as a sexual convenience for men. Ladies, if you want a man to value you, value yourself first.

6.) The inability of a woman to be independent:

Some girls depend entirely on a man for everything. They have no other source of income except a man. They aren’t working neither do they have any business that generates income. The only thing the man sees you for is fun and nothing serious. 

He won’t show you any affection because he knows the only thing you need is money and material things. He treats you anyhow he likes because he pays every single bill. He takes care of you from the crown of your head to the sole of your feet. 

When he uses you and dumps you, your next move is to perch on another man while sucking him dry. A man can only value you when you have added value to his life and you’re irreplaceable. He will keep and value you only when you have made yourself useful.

I must also add that it is not all men that treat women like filth and it is not all ladies who are treated like filth. 

I’ve seen men who treat their ladies like queens or stars that fell from the moon. These men are not foolish; in fact, they are the wisest of all men. A real man understands that women are to be cherished and treated with love and respect. 

When a lady is happy, the entire household is happy; only a few men know this. Ladies, get some standards!!!

To all my readers who have asked questions relating to this, I hope I’ve been able to answer some. Thanks for reading.

2 thoughts on “6 Reasons Why Men Treat Women Like Filth

  1. Your reasons are real because a woman who is only worth the color of her lipstick needs to sleep with men around to feel wanted.
    For men, they treat you the way you present yourself. But naturally they find it hard to pay women back with real love.

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