NIGERIA AT 56: What Are We Really Celebrating This Year?

I love my country Nigeria. I love the idea of independence. I love public holidays even more. 

I love the mouth watering dishes we prepare and the richness of our culture. I enjoy eating Bole. 

I love Suya and other tasty… (Don’t know what to put there sef).

I love the fact that even in pain and hardship, Nigerians always find avenues to make jokes, laugh and have fun. 

When I log into Facebook every day, I see posts from friends that make me burst into laughter. 

They find ways to be so creative in whatever they do no matter how little the effort is.

When Dame Patience and her husband were in power, no day passed that Nigerians didn’t publish hilarious comments that were supposedly said by the First Lady.
Nigerians are seriously gifted when it comes to entertainment. I respect the citizens of this great nation so much especially our artistes (They no dey carry last).
I can’t deny the fact that God has given us flawless weather in this country. 

When I read the news and I come across stories of natural disasters in other nations all over the world, I silently thank God for what we have.

Even in this recession, Nigerians are still coping, managing and patching. 

Every weekend, various beer parlours across the nation get filled to the brim with Nigerians but they are complaining of being bankrupt.

I keep wondering why money suddenly appears when it is time to drink shekpe but it disappears when other serious matters arise. Chai!! I really love our flexing nature.

But, on a serious note, what are we celebrating this year?
Are we celebrating the unemployment of our youths?
Are we celebrating the great recession we are currently experiencing?
Are we popping champagne for the thousands of people who lost their jobs this year? 
Are we celebrating the exorbitant prices of goods and services?
Are we celebrating  Niger Delta Avengers or the fall in oil revenue?
Are we celebrating the incessant killings by Fulani herdsmen?
Are we celebrating our over-dependency on oil?
Are we celebrating positive or negative “CHANGE”?
What exactly are we celebrating on this remarkable day, Great soon-to-be leaders of this nation?

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