5 Major Reasons Why Men Drink Excess Alcohol

The other day, I went to a hair salon with a friend of mine to plait my hair and it took ages to finish. While we were still there, my friend’s phone rang and she picked up the call.

A few seconds later, she got upset and started shouting at the person on the other end of the line. The conversation become a heated argument and soon they were both yelling and calling each other nasty names.

She angrily cut off the call and hissed loudly. When I asked what the problem was, she said “my boyfriend just called.

He was coming back from a bar with his friends when they had an accident.” I sighed without a saying a word.

Then she continued “Can you imagine? He was drinking excessively again!!!” I didn’t even hear the rest of her complaints because my mind had wandered faraway.

I was asking myself a trailer full of questions; why would a man drink so much without even thinking of his loved ones?

Doesn’t he know the health implications of excessive drinking?

The other night, my neighbour went out drinking and he came back in the middle of the night, dead-drunk. He started banging on the gate so loudly that everyone woke up.

At first, we thought it was a burglar but then he spoke and someone opened the gate for him.

The next thing we knew, he was inside his house shouting and beating up his wife. I felt so angry when I heard her scream for help. I silently prayed that she would break his head.

Why do men drink excessively that they lose their senses? Why do fathers drink until they forget they have families?

I think they do what they do for some reasons:

1. To Escape Their Problems:

Some men drink because alcohol has becoming an escape route for them. When they drink, they are in another world and they forget all about their financial problems.

They forget the fact that their kids are out of school, their business isn’t moving well and they haven’t achieved their goals.

Alcohol helps them forget momentarily but it doesn’t make the problem go away. Once they are sober, they are face to face with the same problems.

2. To Numb Their Emotional Pain:

Some men who are going through a lot of emotional trauma, find comfort in alcohol.

When a man loses a loved one through divorce or death, he finds it extremely difficult to move on with his life.

The immediate remedy to his pain is definitely alcohol; lots of alcohol. The moment he sips some alcohol, he feels relieved and consoled.

Slowly, drinking becomes a habit and he can’t stop it.

3. To Uplift Their Spirit:

Some men who have low spirits due to depression or excess worry resort to alcohol. Alcohol helps elevate their spirits so they can face their challenges head-on. Without a daily dose of alcohol, they experience low self-esteem and they don’t function well.

Alcohol does a lot of good for their self-confidence but it’s harmful to their health. Alcohol acts as a society stimulant; it removes your fears and inhibitions.

That’s why when you are high, you can do anything you thought impossible; you can do the unthinkable.

4. For Fun:

Men especially young men drink alcohol for fun. Drinking is like the highest level of fun for them. When they feel bored or lonely, they drink; just sitting in a beer parlor and listening to loud music chases away every trace of boredom.

When men want to celebrate, the first thing they order is alcohol. When young men attend an occasion, their major concern is the alcohol available.

5. It’s A Habit They Can’t Change:

Some men start drinking at an early age due to peer pressure or other reasons and they grow up with the habit. If you ask them why they drink, they might not be able to answer because it’s a habit they can’t control.

They drink because they can or because they think real men have to drink to be seen as “REAL MEN”.

It’s not all men who drink excessively; some men drink responsibly. They know how harmful excessive drinking is to their health, their family and their relationship.

Do you know any other reason why men drink excessively?

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