Should I Date my Ex’s Brother?

Dear Jenny,

I need urgent advice concerning an issue. 3 years ago, I met a nice guy in a shopping mall. We become friends and later lovers.

Last year, he broke up with me before travelling out of the country. He said he needed time to plan his life. I was totally devastated.

After he left, his younger brother called me regularly and sometimes invited me to lunch. I found comfort in his company; he’s fun to be with.

Since we were friends when I was dating his elder brother, I accepted to join him for lunch whenever he invited me. He shows me so much love and care.

A few days ago, he asked me to be his girlfriend. He said he is deeply in love with me; actually he’s been in love with me for a while.

I think I’m falling for him too. What do I do? Is it okay to date my ex’s younger brother?

Okay guys, I need your answers ASAP!!!

2 thoughts on “Should I Date my Ex’s Brother?

  1. Well, i don't see anything wrong with that if the brother u are dating is fully aware and is cool with the idea. But be sure u no longer have an iota of feelings for ur ex (his brother).

    As for me, i know i can't do it. Drama is just one thing i sure try as much as possible to avoid.

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