6 Things You Shouldn’t Be Caught Doing During a Threesome

Many people fantasize about different things which border on sex. A threesome is often at the top of that sexual fantasy list.

The thought of sleeping with more than one person at the same time is usually very thrilling- just imagine all the fun you could have with two people caressing every part of your body.

Just picture teases, caresses, kisses, blowjobs, sex positions in abundance; you cum until you can’t cum anymore. OMG!!! Just thinking about all of that nearly brings you to the edge right?

So you’ve decided to try out a threesome? Cool down, pal. Not so fast!

Before you step out into the threesome heaven, you need to avoid certain things that would definitely spoil everything:

1. Masturbating:

No.No.Hell No. This is at the top of the “Don’t do” list during a threesome. If you are involved in a threesome, please don’t masturbate except you’re just doing it to get turned on really fast.

But if you are going to masturbate, cum and roll over to sleep, don’t do it. A threesome is supposed to be like teamwork; all hands on deck people! Find something useful to do.

During a threesome, it is best to keep things going in such a way that no one feels left out- sitting on a guy’s face as the other girl rides him or sucking her tits as the other guy rams her, is the BOMB!  Yum!

2. Watching:

Oh dear! Do you think you are in a cinema? If you are looking for people to watch, try porn. A threesome is not a football match and you are not a spectator.

All three actively sexual persons involved should be busy doing pleasurable things to one another. Avoid all of that “Oh, I’ll just watch and wank off” stuff unless the people involved are into it.

Or “I’ve given up trying to get between my lover and the new shiny thing, I’ll just watch and masturbate. No way. You need to actively get involved too.

3. Sleeping:

Holy crap!!! Are you serious? Which sane person sleeps during a threesome. I can understand the “I’ve gone 4 rounds and really need to sleep”.

But if the show is just starting and your next agenda is sleep, you’re definitely in the wrong place. Wake up and join the fun! You only get this kind of opportunity once in a while.

4. Concentrating only on one partner:

It’s very easy to create jealousy among sex partners by simply giving all your tongue and sugar to one person. Even if one person has perkier boobs, tighter pussy or a bigger dick, give them equal attention.

Concentrating on one person for too long will leave the other person feeling left out, unwanted, and unattractive. Do you know why it’s called a threesome?

Everybody has fun and goes home smiling! Keep it that way; pay attention to everyone, give them what they want and how they want it. It’s called a threesome for a reason!

 5. Drinking:

Never drink during a threesome! Who wants to be involved in a threesome with someone who is more interested in his bottle? Nobody!

If you must drink, take a few bottles few hours before the show begins to help you get in the mood. Don’t drink during the event except it’s been earlier discussed and agreed on.

6. Smoking:

Do I really need to point this out? Okay! Unless everyone has agreed to bring cigars, don’t bring yours. Just imagine dropping a cigar on some one’s pussy or ass during sex. Ouch!

That’s definitely going to be the end of that threesome. Or just imagine sleeping off with a cigar in your mouth after endlessly cumming during the threesome. Just imagine!

Have you ever had a threesome?

2 thoughts on “6 Things You Shouldn’t Be Caught Doing During a Threesome

  1. It's fun. Bt if ur partner ain't bicurious, bisexual, trysesxual(willing to try new stuffs) or just plain wild/adventurous.. Just shun the idea. Cos after the act they might get cold or start accusing u of infidelity at d slightest turn. But still it's nice to get that cancelled from ur sexual bucket list for those of us that Av one b4 getting married..

    N/B try the two variants(B,B,G or G,G,B) ain't enough to just try one Afterall anything worth doing is worth doing well(yes!!! I Av done it all.. **smiles**).

    1. OMG! Who are you? I love your crazy already! I think it's better to do a threesome with girls or guys you're not seriously dating just for the fun of it. Once it's over, everyone goes home smiling. There won't be room for unforeseen problems arising from the event.

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