Why Dating Your Classmate isn’t Such a Good Idea

Dating, in general, is affected by some factors. Some of these factors are either economic, ethnic, social, religious, or personal reason, etc. In this particular article, we will be looking at dating, in Nigeria, with a focus on the economic factor.

Unlike the western countries of the world and first world nations, where age/classmates could date and successfully get married to each other, the case is totally different in developing countries, like Nigeria.

This is because the economic situation in developed nations gives room for an average youth to work and earn a good pay while he is in college or University, thereby giving him the financial security to uphold his responsibilities as a boo, LOL. 

Unfortunately, in Nigeria, the economic situation can’t even provide jobs for Masters degree and Ph.D holders, not to talk of a mere university student.

In fact, if you must impress your girlfriend who is also your class/age mate in the university, get ready to split your monthly pocket money your parents give you!

A lot of bros can’t do the splitting because all some of them get as pocket money is between N10, 000-N20, 000 per month. Split that because of babe, and hunger shall come bursting your door open like SWAT! LOL.

Some girlfriends are insensitive to the fact that le boo is just as much a student like herself, and has no job yet. 

The minute le boo shows up in her life, she will remember she needs to change that “Kpalasa phone” her father bought her, LOL. And my nigga would want to impress, he starts spending his meager pocket money on his bae.

Perhaps they both make it to final year and graduate together, go for NYSC together, but posted to different locations. My nigga might still be splitting his NYSC monthly allowee, having hopes of a better tomorrow and happy ending with his girlfriend. 

After the POP, they both gear up to face the future. This is where the rude awakening sets in. Firstly, the guy needs time to nail a good job, work, and save up before he dreams of marrying the love of his life, so he needs time and good money!

Secondly, babe realizes she needs to get married and “settle down”, as though she’s been on “standing mode” with her boo since university, LOL. 

Now, babe realizes she can’t wait for le boo from university days, because le boo isn’t ready to marry. At this juncture, any already-made guy who could “sweet-tongue” her better than le boo from university days, is a potential husband to her.

While le boo is attending series of interviews, trying to nail a job, any job, babe is already engaged to an already-made guy!

If she has conscience, she might just tell him she’s getting married to another guy, LOL.

At this juncture, my nigga would realize he just did what we call “Car-Wash”, which is unknowingly washing another man’s car (babe), only for the man (new guy) to come carry the motor, probably without giving you any credit! LOL.

SO…boos and babes, to avoid finding yourself in this kind of tight corner, where you may end up doing what you will regret, look wella charleh, before you leap.

If you won’t root for your partner through the storm, don’t even get involved.

Keep your heart safe, and unbroken!


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