Are You Making Love Or Having Sex?

What is lovemaking? What is having sex? Is there really any difference between the two terms? You are about to find out!

Some people say that making love is just another term for having sex. Unfortunately, they’ve been wrong! I guess it’s because the both terms have been used interchangeably.

What’s The Difference?

Well, making love involves having sex but having sex isn’t necessarily making love. Having sex is more mechanical than making love. It often involves a desire for physical contact with someone else’s body.

Caressing, touching, kissing, smooching, fondling, sucking, biting and of course intercourse are mere fulfilments of a desire for physical contact. It is just SEX. Plain and unemotional sex.

There are no strings attached especially for the guys. For most people, they have sex to get rid of the physical urges they have. That’s why it is so easy for them to just go out, pick a total stranger and head straight home for the night to have SEX! Just SEX- no emotions are involved.

The next morning, the stranger is gone and the circle continues again!

On the other hand, Lovemaking takes place between two lovers; two souls who have taken time to know each other, to understand each other, to get attached emotionally and to support each other.

Lovemaking involves a deep connection of two bodies. It is filled with emotions, feelings and affection. It is intense and sensual…

According to Aristotle ‘Lovemaking is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies. Wow! That is sooo deep!

In my opinion, Lovemaking is very different from having sex because it involves a lot of trust and commitment.

I know guys are scared of the word “commitment” but the truth is “sex is easy, very easy that even animals do it”.

Lovemaking, on the other hand, involves a deep connection and opening up with another human being. It is more than just being naked; it is being bare and vulnerable!

Love making is all about your lover’s mind, body and soul; the entire being is involved! It is an expression of love; it is a desire to communicate the love you have for each other. It is mutual and beneficial!

If you can easily go out, take a complete stranger to bed for the night, you’re just having sex!

But if you’ve taken your time to get know someone and probably have feelings for this person or you’ve become emotionally involved with this person, then you’re definitely making LOVE!

Have you been making love or just having sex?