Christmas is a time when we celebrate with friends and family. During this season, food is abundant and gifts are exchanged amidst laughter and joy. Would it be like that this year?

Earlier this year, the country went into recession and it was difficult surviving. And then came MMM and other money-making schemes to put smiles on our faces. Gradually, we picked up our lives and things seemed great for a while.

Suddenly, Ultimate cycler had to upgrade their website in other to handle the crowd that had gathered. We seemed calm because we had faith in MMM- we knew it wouldn’t fail us.

On Tuesday, many MMM participants woke up to get help but found out the program was on PAUSE. It was a heavy blow to all of us. We didn’t anticipate this, we didn’t foresee this and we definitely didn’t expect this.

Atleast, not now; not during Christmas when we all had huge plans. The year had been tough on us all and we were looking forward to MMM during Christmas. We hoped we would finally put some smiles on the faces of our friends and family.

What do we all do at this juncture?

1. Don’t Panic: 

I know you’ve heard this several times already but I’ll still say again. Don’t panic! Panicking or worrying won’t solve anything so why bother? Try to remain calm; patience is really important now. Don’t worry about anything; all will be well!

2. Reset Your Budget:

I’m sure you’ve planned everything you want to buy for Xmas and how much you will spend on your family and friends. You might be in a fix if you promised someone a bag of rice and goat for Xmas. How do you get out of that mess? Reset your budget! You could buy half bag of rice and some chicken in place of what you planned earlier. It all depends on resizing your budget and cutting costs in order to enjoy your Christmas.

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3. Don’t Borrow:

I know how tempting it is to just borrow money from a friend or neighbour so that you can have an extravagant Christmas celebration; don’t do it. It would be better for you to manage your resources in the best way you can. Cut your coat according to your cloth; avoid the urge to over spend just to please people. Borrow only when it is absolutely necessary!

4. Spend Within Your Budget:

Personally, I planned spoiling my family this Christmas. I had a vivid picture of what my Christmas was going to look like- I wanted to buy everyone something nice and also take them shopping. But I guess I have to spend within my budget now; no shopping spree for anyone. I would advice you to do the same; spend within your budget during Christmas. Don’t over spend to the extent that you have to borrow in 2017.

5. Maintain A Positive Attitude:

When things like this happen, the only way we can push ahead is by maintaining a positive attitude. Don’t let little problems upset you. Concentrate on the positive side…and the “big picture.” Also remember that the only thing that will never change is that there will always be changes especially in today’s rapidly evolving world.

Don’t let changes upset you. Know that you will have to deal with changes, both big and small, continually. Be prepared to be flexible and to adapt as needed. All we need this period is a positive attitude, adaptability and patience. Let’s be patient and believe that good things are coming ahead! Be positive!

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I wish you a Happy Christmas and Prosperous New Year!

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  1. This is the perfect blog for anyone who wants to understand this topic.
    You realize so much its almost tough to argue with you (not that I really will need to). You certainly put a new spin on a subject which has been discussed for ages. Excellent stuff, just wonderful!

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