Please Help! My Husband Is Not Supportive Enough During Pregnancy

My husband of 2 years has suddenly stopped caring about me. I remember when we first got married, he showered me with so much love and attention.

I’m two months pregnant with our first child and I need him the most but he seems so nonchalant, distant and disconnected. Sometimes, I feel he doesn’t love me anymore or maybe, he never loved me anymore. 

Sincerely, I can’t say he is not caring at all but he rarely asks how I’m feeling and when he does he just asks to ask(for peace sake, I guess).

I vomit almost every night (he is usually asleep, of course). When he wakes up, he gets mad that I didn’t make breakfast, even though I had given him lunch for work the previous day. I couldn’t do anything in the morning since my nausea was really bad.

This is just one of the many instances. He doesn’t help me around the house, he  doesn’t help wash the dishes, he doesn’t care about how I’m feeling and refuses to do anything even something as little as making a sandwich, since he is always used to it being “my job”.

How do I explain to him and make him understand what I’m really feeling. He thinks I’m exaggerating, while I can’t eat or barely cook but still have to do it since he won’t even bother. I feel like I’m going through this pregnancy alone!

What Do I Do?