What Would You do if You Found Out Your Bride-to-be is HIV Positive?

A young man was courting a sister for a while and they were seriously preparing for marriage. At the beginning of their courtship, he asked her on several occasions if she had any secrets he should know about but she always said “NO”.

He was strongly against premarital sex so he never touched her. She tried so many times to seduce him into having sex with her but she never succeeded.

Even after their traditional marriage, he refused sleeping with her. She kept insisting that they were traditionally married but he remained adamant.

A week before their white wedding they went for some tests as instructed by the church. Shockingly, the girl was HIV positive! She never told him about it while they were courting! He really loves her but he is very confused!

They’ve invited a lot of people and they are almost done with the wedding preparations.

What would you do if you find out your BRIDE-TO-BE is HIV positive a few days to your wedding?