5 Mind-Blowing Reasons Why You Need To Eat Her Pussy Regularly


Today, I’m going to give you guys 5 mind blowing reasons why you need to eat your girl’s pussy regularly! You know how badly you want blowjobs? Girls need oral sex too and yes, we enjoy it way more than even penetrative sex.

We yearn for it. We crave it. We fantasize about it. Sometimes, we even daydream about it. And YES, we need you to do it often!

So, Bae has been asking you to consider going down vagina town for some time now and you’re contemplating whether you should do it or not.

Your friends may have told you not to even try it and you’ve been listening to them. You’ve been missing a lot, my friend! You need to drop all those excuses and feel the thrill. It’s really essential for your relationship.

I dated a guy a few years back and whenever I asked him to visit the pussy land, he would squeeze his face and say “Babe, I can’t do it! It feels like eating raw meat.”

Whoever says that??? Anyway, I stopped giving him blowjobs and we later broke up. There’s absolutely no need diving into the details of that boring relationship tonight.

I’m going to give you 5 mind-blowing reasons why you need to eat pussy and eat it well!

1. It will make her bond with you:

You think it’s just physical but it’s not. There’s a certain emotion that is released when you compromise and go down on your girl.

When you invest your time, energy and skills into satisfying your babe orally, she’s going to bond with you automatically. She’s going to stick to you like glue especially if she isn’t getting head from anyone else.

2. She Will Keep Coming Back For More:

Have you ever wondered why some girls keep going back to a particular ex even when they’ve moved on with other men? There’s no magic there!!! It’s really simple-  He gives her head all the time and he satisfies her sexually.

When she doesn’t find someone else to give her the sugar he used to give her, she keeps going back to him for more tantalising and toe-curling moments.

3. You Will Be Irreplaceable:

A lot of men out there don’t know what they are doing with a girl’s body. They are so used to the selfish way of making love that they don’t even consider their partner’s needs.

When a girl comes across a man who knows his onions and knows how to please her with his tongue or fingers. He becomes a LEGEND!!! He could even be considered an irreplaceable Pussy King. Imagine that!!! *winks*

4. She Will Return The Favour:

When you give her head so well, she will be satisfied and happy. She will want to return the favour at some point which means you will definitely enjoy more blowjobs without even asking. So, give without holding back and watch your blessings come back to you in ten folds.

5. She Will Cherish You Forever:

If you ever break up with her, she won’t forget you easily. She will always remember you and use you as a measurement stick for her other boyfriends. She would always compare her boyfriends to you. You would definitely be her best lover and her reference.

Do you want your girlfriend to cherish you and never leave you for another man? Eat her pussy regularly and make sure she reaches her orgasm every single time you suck her. You will become her Golden King!!!

Do you eat pussy regularly?

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