Q&A: Who Was Your First Love?

Last night as I lay on my bed, I thought of all the relationships I’ve had in the past. Before I could find the answer, I fell asleep. When I woke up this morning, the question came back to me.

Up till now, I still haven’t found the answer. Sadly, I just can’t figure out who amongst my ex-boyfriends to call “My First Love”. Isn’t this strange? I know it is!

Could it be that guy who gave me my first kiss? Or that guy who was my very first boyfriend? Or the one who showed me what real love meant? Or the one whom I gave my precious flower to?

Seriously, I’ve dated a few guys who have meant a lot to me; some of them taught me valuable lessons while others were insignificant but I’m still puzzled on how to find the real ” First Love”. Or maybe I Never Had one?

Anyway, while I’m still trying to figure out ” Who my first love was”, I want to ask all my readers today” Who Was Your First Love?”

How did you know he or she was your first love? Is it the person who gave you your first kiss, your first s*xual experience or the one who showed you what true love means?


Who Was Your First Love?

4 thoughts on “Q&A: Who Was Your First Love?

  1. Hmmmm, My first love? Lemme see… I think it was the first guy I fell in love with. That guy who gave me butterflies each time I saw him.
    I won't choose the guy who deflowered me because I wasn't in love with him. It just happened!!!

    1. I think I kinda agree with your perspective. In other terms, if the first guy you fell in love with was the same guy who deflowered you, he would definitely be considered your first love!!! Really nice.

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