5 Subtle Ways Technology Destroys Our Relationships

Do you remember when you were little and you weren’t allowed to go near any electronic devices?

You were even forbidden to touch the remote control; it was strictly for adults.

The telephone was also a forbidden treasure; you couldn’t go near it unless you were permitted? It was exactly the same for me.

The only time I was allowed to watch TV was when Dad was back from work early. And of course, I watched whatever he considered “best” for me.

I used to watch my dad with disdain whenever he was placing the remote control on the cabinet in the sitting room.

Whenever Dad was at work, I would try to get to the remote control which was always placed on our very tall cabinet.

I would tiptoe, jump, and even use a small chair but my hands could never reach.

After several attempts of climbing up and down, I’ll give up and read a book, sleep or visit some friends.

It is a totally different ball game these days. Technology has greatly improved. Almost everyone has access to technology.

Even kids now have access to every gadget in the house. In fact, they operate them better than the adults around them.

Thanks to technology, you can connect with more people and do so more conveniently than any other time in history.

True, social media helps to connect people and encourage friendships but how meaningful are these friendships?

Why is it so challenging to enjoy deep and meaningful relationships?

People have become so self-absorbed and independent to the extent that they prefer their android phones to a friend sitting in the same room with them.

Who is to blame? Technology may be partly to blame! Do you ask how? Let me give you 5 ways technology helps destroy our relationships.

1. Technology Reduces Face-to-Face Interactions:

Texting, chatting, social networking and other social media makes it possible to maintain a friendship without being in someone’s presence.

Deep meaningful conversations are becoming a blur; meaningful conversations have been replaced by rapid-fire texts and tweets.

According to Artificial Maturity, “People are having fewer face-to-face interactions.

Everyone is so busy at work and on their phones that they rarely have time to sit each other and talk deeply. People spend more time in front of a screen and less time with each other.

When friends or family eventually get together, their attention is still divided because they are busy replying tweets, posting on Facebook and liking photos.

There is nothing quite the same as face-to-face conversation, where you and another person can observe the subtle nuances of voice tone, facial expression, and body language.

2. Technology Makes Us Lazy:

Do you know how you just want to lie in bed all day and do nothing than press your phone? Why?

Technology actually makes it easier to converse with people even total strangers without using up much energy or needing to travel.

Who needs to physically check up on friends and family when there is technology? A phone call or text would do just fine!

It is so much easier to chat up a friend than visit him or her and spend quality time. Watching TV all day is a lot better than doing house chores. Yep! Blame it on technology.

3. Technology Makes Relationships Seem Closer Than They Really Are:

In some cases, technology can make friendships seem closer than they really are. Recently, I discovered that by chatting my friends to see how they were, I was doing a lot of the work.

Then I stopped chatting them to see how many of them would take the initiative to contact me. Honestly, only a few did.

Obviously, some friends weren’t as close as I thought. I also realized I didn’t really know much about the people I call friends on Facebook.

But can’t texting and social media help you keep in touch with people and thereby strengthen your friendships?

Yes— especially if you also have an offline relationship with those people. Social media merely builds bridges to others without drawing you closer to them.

4. Technology Has Greatly Reduced Traditional Methods Of Communication:

Do people still write letters? Do they still have pen pals? God! I miss those good old days of letter writing and having pen pals.

Old-fashioned as it may seem, letter writing sends the message that you care enough about someone to give him or her your undivided attention.

That kind of special attention is rare in today’s busy world.

How about cards? Do people still give cards as gifts on Easter day, Christmas day, Thanksgiving day and Valentine’s day? If they do, it would be a handful of people.

5. Technology Promotes Falsehood And A Fake Lifestyle:

Okay! So technology doesn’t necessarily compel people to portray false lifestyles on Social media but it somehow promotes it.

Some people who appear so popular on Social media and have a huge followership are actually just regular people with regular lifestyles in reality.

Technology simply magnifies their personality and popularity. Some people even go as far as posing with assets that they do not own in real life.

People exhibit fake lifestyles on Social media as opposed to their real lives.

Yes, technology helps you connect easily with more people all over the world. Still, the relationships you have might seem rather shallow.

Real friendship involves more than just keeping in touch. It requires that you and your friend display love, empathy, patience, forgiveness and support.

I think our relationships were better before we had technology. What do you think?